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Ever wonder what kind of weirdos it takes to put together a magazine such as this? Now you know. Back row, left to right: Stephanie Schmieding, sales rep; Simon Peterson, photo editor; Drew Pogge, contributing editor; Cordelia Pryor, marketing assistant; Mike England, editor; Dawn Brintnall,sales rep; Melissa Doar, art director. Front row, left to right: Ian Roderer, assistant photo editor; David Tucker, managing editor; Chris McCarthy, sales manager; Andra Spurr, sales rep, Bucky McBuckster, office target. Not shown: Andrea Rice, bookkeeper; Debi Randolph, sales rep.

Do you live in Bozeman to spend all of your time working, or are you looking for a career that accommodates powder days? Not into the nine-to-five grind and need some flexibility in your work schedule? Read more >>
Maybe it started with a hike up Sypes Canyon at dusk, when the clouds seemed to converge over the Tobacco Roots, as if to float just a little longe Read more >>
OUR PRIVACY POLICYYour privacy is important to us. We protect your personal information, using it only for reasons you agree to, and never revealing it to anyone outside our organization without your consent. Read more >>
Here's an abbreviated list of O/B's distribution locations around southwest Montana. You're likely to find our latest issue on a rack in or around these local businesses (unless, of course, the demand outweighs our distributor's ambitions). Read more >>
  • O/B Staff

    Described by a former intern as "abrasive, egotistical, and borderline psychotic," editor and publisher Mike England firmly believes in the power of negative reinforcement. Read more >>
    Growing up in a small Montana town on the Rocky Mountain Front, it was surprising for Chris McCarthy to learn that other people don’t just go out their front door to hike, hunt, or fish.  Luckily he never had to leave the state to learn to appreciate the wonderful opportunities a Read more >>
    Not all who wander are lost; however, some truly are! Although Simon Peterson told his family that he moved here to attend MSU, we all know photo editor Simon Peterson moved here to chase the steep and deep. Read more >>
    Raised in Maine, Melissa Doar is a lover of the outdoors, hard cider, and sarcasm. Her passions include skiing, hiking, camping, unsuccessfully flyfishing, and taking embarrassing photos of her family. Melissa has 15 years of graphic design and marketing experience. Read more >>
    O/B photographer and Creative Coordinator Ian Roderer is a self-proclaimed "Vermontanan" who enjoys pretty much anything outdoors, but mainly photography, hiking, mountain biking and skiing. Read more >>
  • Contributors

    Thomas Turiano got his start as a ski mountaineer in Fairport, New York where he learned to climb, sled, and ski on his icy 100-foot backyard hill. Read more >>
    Tom Reed lives outside the small mountain town of Pony, best known for the world famous Pony Bar and its proximity to the Madison and Jefferson rivers. Read more >>
    When he turned 18, photographer Pat Clayton was drawn to the greater Yellowstone region by its stunning geological features, dramatic seasons, high adventure, and elbow room. Read more >>
    Carol Polich’s photos and travel-adventure stories have been widely published since the early 1990s. During the year, she teaches a variety of photography classes through the Bozeman Adult Community Education program. Read more >>
    Kevin Kennedy wanders around the Americas on a quest to “find himself” by way of whitewater kayak, like a true millennial gypsy. Read more >>
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