Trail Running southwest Montana Bozeman Gallatin
Andy Woodward & August Schield
Traveling fast, far, and on foot through the rugged backcountry of southwest Montana. Read more >>
alpine lake montana landscape
Maria Anderson
Five all-day adventures for the summer season.
adventure-mobile, camping, buggies
Joshua Bergan
Soon after we’d discovered that the rooftop “emergency exit” on our truck camper was actually a hatch to the party roof, the landscape stopped me in my tracks. Read more >>
Armstrong Spring Creek, spring fishing, spring runoff
the editors
Where to fish during spring runoff. 
Paul Japhe
Recently I challenged myself to explore bike rides that could start from my front door. There are two benefits to this. The first is that I get to spend more time riding and less time driving. Read more >>
bison ranching, conservation, advocacy
Anthony Pavkovich
From veteran environmental advocate to greenhorn bison rancher.  Read more >>
Caroline Byrd, recreation, conservation
Anthony Pavkovich
As the final segment of our four-part series, Outside Bozeman caught up with Greater Yellowstone Coalition’s former executive director, Caroline Byrd, for a conversation exploring the intersection of recreation and conservation—and how the former nurtured her passion for the latter. Read more >>
Ross Peak, Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
A photographic study of Ross Peak. It’s not the highest point in the Bridgers. It barely falls within the range’s ten-tallest summits. But for whatever reason, we’re drawn to Ross Peak. Read more >>
Montana State School Trust Lands, Hunting, PLWA
Gaining access to school-trust lands. 
Grizzly Bears, Bear Attacks, Montana, Hunting, Todd Orr
Todd Orr
On October 1, 2016, Todd Orr was attacked by a grizzly bear—twice. This is his story.  Read more >>
Ron Brunckhorst, Mountain Climbing, Southwest Montana
Taylor VanRoekel
Local climbing legend Ron Brunckhorst. 
Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Dan Ventura
Confessions of a fly fisherman.  Forgive me Father Maclean, for I have sinned.  Read more >>
biking, camping, bikepacking
David Tucker
From downtown Bozeman, the heart of the Gallatin Range is just a bike ride away.  Read more >>
Jefferson River, Trout Unlimited, Fly Fishing, Montana
Tom Reed
A restoration success story.  Forgotten. Ignored. Overlooked. Spurned. Maybe even scorned.  Read more >>
The Lionhead, Mountain Biking, CDT, West Yellowstone, Forest Planning
David Tucker
Access to the Lionhead area is the result of a rock-solid partnership between cyclists, horsemen, and the Forest Service, a rare case of collaboration where the results speak for themselves. Read more >>
Montana Creekboating, West Fork Gallatin
David Schroeder
Creekboating in southwest Montana. 
Warriors and Quiet Waters, Female Veterans Fly Fishing
Ali Ramirez
Female vets find solace on Montana's waters. 
Multi-Sport Season, Spring, Bozeman, Montana
Jimmy Lewis
Overcoming a case of seasonal schizophrenia.  
Lone Mountain, Big Sky, Lone Peak, Montana
Thomas Turiano
These days, Lone Mountain is a ski-world icon. But before they built a tram to the top, you had to earn your turns.  Read more >>
Backcountry Skiing, Big Sky, Yellow Mule Cabin
Jimmy Lewis
Finding clarity in the oft-obstructed views of the backcountry.  Read more >>
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