Osteoarthritis, Dogs, Canine, Bozeman
Jason Wheeler
Osteoarthritis in canines.  
Humbug Spires, Pioneer Mountains, Southwest Montana, Autumn
Marjorie Smith
Fall is for the road.This autumn, I think I’ll head west on I-90 to retrace an exploration of more than 20 years ago when my daughter and I happened upon a scrap of Montana history that remains in my mind like a half-remembered dream. Read more >>
Hunting Season, Hunting, Bozeman
the editors
Living where people hunt. 
Bird Hunting, Hunting Dogs, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
“Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of its tail.” —Josh Billings  Read more >>
Kenetrek, Rapid Rifle Covers, Stone Glacier, Skyblade Knives
the editors
Gear up with these local companies.  
Gallatin Valley, Fresh Produce, Canning
Emely Lambert
Extending the harvest's bounty. After a summer harvest, there’s an abundance of produce to consume. Our growing season is short, but you can extend your consumption of local produce by canning, all while gaining health and performance benefits. Read more >>
Bowhunting, Elk, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Few pastimes elicit as visceral a response as hunting elk with bow and arrow. It’s at once ancient and modern, both art and sport, as challenging as it is rewarding. And for the few hearty souls who have perfected the craft, it is the zenith of outdoorsmanship. But what about the rest of us? Read more >>
Hiking, Dogs, Bozeman, Montana
Vicki Sielaff
And think like a dog. 
Gallatin Valley, Fall, Bozeman, Montana
Drew Pogge
Finding peace in transition. "We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars." —Oscar Wilde Read more >>
Jake Walbridge
Tying the Shakey Bealy. 
camping, road trip, biking
David Tucker
Adding style to a summer road-trip. 
Joe King
Catch-and-release hunting takes off. No guns. No bows. No spears, knives, or clubs. This is hunting at its most primeval, pitting man against beast without the aid of technology. No weapons are allowed—it’s hand versus hoof, head versus horn. Read more >>
art, painting, poetry
HG Moser
backpacking, weekend, trip, cabin
Travis Decker
Slowing down at Woody Creek Cabin. Solitude is rare; peace of mind more so. Even deep in the Montana woods, our minds race and we’re removed from the moment, stressing about deadlines, bills, social commitments. It’s hard to be relaxed, paradoxical as that sounds. Read more >>
the editors
One who borrows brews his own trouble. —AMERICAN PROVERB  Read more >>
Dogs, Dehydration, Overheating, Bozeman, Montana
Liz Layne
Summer safety tips for dogs.  
Canoeing, Capsizing, Self-Rescue
Patrick Hutchison
How to right a capsized canoe. Canoes aren’t likely to tip over, at least when used by calm people in calm water. Read more >>
Fly Shop, Madison River, Bozeman, Montana
Elizabeth Sinclair
Tales of a fly-shop girl. 
Quake Lake, Kayaking, Birding
Carol Polich
Photographing Quake Lake’s winged citizens.  
Packrafting, Montana, Madison River
Corey Hockett
The skinny on packrafting.  
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