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Didn’t git yer elk last hunting season? Fear not; the bounty provided by Montana’s fields, forests, and rivers never ceases—you just have to know what to look for. 

Most waters in our area are open year-round, and daily bag limits are liberal: five trout* and 20 whitefish. Not to mention that fishing is restorative, so you can feed both body and mind.

Grab a shotgun or .22 and take to the woods; these critters abound and there’s no season or bag limit. At the very least, you’ll enjoy a nice off-trail hike.

Though small, pigeons are delicious. Use a .410 shotgun or pellet gun so you don’t obliterate the meat, and plan on two or three for a decent meal. 

You’ve heard that it tastes like chicken, and it (sort of) does. Be careful when snake-hunting—nothing kills the appetite like an IV full of anti-venom. 

*This applies to rainbow and brown trout; see the regulations for limits on other species.

Food for Thought
Before the 1960s, childhood obesity rates in the United States were extremely low. Since then, they’ve skyrocketed. While Montana’s rates are below national averages, there’s still room for improvement. By eating locally, our kids can get more nutrition and lead happier, healthier lives.


    • 4.6% Obesity rate among children 6-11 years old, 1960 
    • 19.6% Obesity rate among children 6-11 years old, 2012 
    • 17.5% Percentage of Americans’ disposable personal incomes spent on food in 1960 
    • 9.9% Percentage of Americans’ disposable personal incomes spent on food in 2013 
    • 9% Obesity rate for Montana high-school students, 2013 
    • 4% of high school students don’t eat fruits and vegetables weekly 
    • 5% drink 3 or more sodas per day 
    • 24 hours Average time food takes to go from farm to table when purchased locally
    • 58% more polyphenols—antioxidants that prevent heart disease—in organically grown berries and corn










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