Bear-Spray Recycling

Bear Spray, Bear Safety, Canister recycling

Bear-Spray Recycling

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Joe King

The top 10 uses for expired canisters.

1. Replace your friend’s cologne or perfume to punish overuse.

2. Convert to a flame-throwing ice-and-snow melter.

3. Utilize as aromatherapy for difficult cases.

4. Deter guests who tend to destroy the bathroom.

5. Spray her once, and your cat will never jump on the counter again.

6. Help train the neighbor’s dog, who tends to use your lawn for his “business.”

7. Use it as a shooting target—just wait until the wind is right (and your friend’s gun is unloaded).

8. Wait along the M trail for unsuspecting Bozeman newbies. Scream bloody murder while spraying the bushes, then run wildly for your vehicle.

9. Re-label “nasal decongestant” and place in your roommate’s medicine cabinet.

10. Propel your paddleboard on the lake when you get tired.

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