simulation, trail running, interactive running simulation
Joe King
Simulated trail running takes stride.
Bowhunting, Elk, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Few pastimes elicit as visceral a response as hunting elk with bow and arrow. It’s at once ancient and modern, both art and sport, as challenging as it is rewarding. And for the few hearty souls who have perfected the craft, it is the zenith of outdoorsmanship. But what about the rest of us? Read more >>
Joe King
Catch-and-release hunting takes off. No guns. No bows. No spears, knives, or clubs. This is hunting at its most primeval, pitting man against beast without the aid of technology. No weapons are allowed—it’s hand versus hoof, head versus horn. Read more >>
Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
Dan Ventura
Confessions of a fly fisherman.  Forgive me Father Maclean, for I have sinned.  Read more >>
Trail Running, Skunks, Dogs, Bozeman
Joe Younger
Why an evening jog became a mad dash.   Read more >>
Grizzly Bears, Population, Behavior, Bozeman
Joe King
Beware of the bear pods. 
Montana, Fly Fishing, Spring, Bozeman
the editors
After a cold Montana winter, every angler aches for warm days on the water. And what could be better than a pleasant spring afternoon, fly rod in hand? Birds chirping, sun shining, fish jumping, right? Read more >>
Johnny Bozeman, Gear Guru, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Q&A with the gear guru. 
Snowshoeing, REI, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Long coveted as a rustic-chic cabin-wall decoration, snowshoes are again gaining traction—ha—as a cheap and fun modern means of winter travel. And why not? Read more >>
Duck Hunting, Duck Blind, Bozeman, Montana
Gordon "Butch" Lehmann
Three strikes, I'm out. 
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Ryan Krueger
How to spice up your next chairlift ride. Read more >>
Standup Paddleboarding, Bozeman, CrossFit
Joe King
A last gasp for a storied tradition.  
Vanlife, Montana, Sprinter Van
Joe King
If millennials have shown the world anything, it’s that people in their 20s really do have it all figured out. One example of this unprecedented generational wisdom is the phenomenon of #vanlife. Read more >>
ditching, bailing, day off, powder day
Emma Nord
What to say when the mountains call. 
Bike Jousting, Haufbrau
Drew Pogge
Winning honor (if not companionship). 
Drew Pogge
For most of us Montana men, it simply happens. It might be a Tuesday, around mid-October. We stand shirtless at the sink with a razor in one hand, and look at ourselves in the mirror. Read more >>
Montana Summer, Bozeman, Hyalite
Andy Vantrease
Ten things I learned from a summer in Montana.  Read more >>
Cougar-collars, Bozeman, cougars
Joe King
Cougar collars save lives. 
bear country, Outside Bozeman, bear story
John Clayton
Musings and mishaps from bear country. 
Bike Balls, Gear Reviews
the editors
Product-review rejects.
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