White, Jenny
Off-season workouts for skiers.
Bozeman Boot Camps, Health and Fitness
Beckett, Sean
Benefits of boot camps.
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John-Henry Anderson
Six ways to restore optimal fitness. 
Shoulder Stabilization (start)
Heyliger, Matt
Spring exercises for climbing. 
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Squat jump
Ed M. Davila
Anytime, anywhere.
Peder Anderson
Physical activity has many benefits.
When exercising indoors during the winter, Bozemanites fall into two camps: those cross-training to shred the slopes with more finesse, and those keeping their fitness high to attack their favorite summer activity once the snow melts. Read more >>
Jason Lunden
Aside from protective gear like helmets and wrist guards, proper strength and conditioning is your number-one tool for staying healthy and safe on the slopes this winter. Here are some exercises to get you ready to shred and keep you on the mountain all season long. Read more >>
Photo by Moe Witschard
Barber, Annie
The season of barbeques, boating, tanning, and floating is finally upon us. Summers in Montana are priceless—we’re surrounded by endless beauty and are lucky enough to call this home. Read more >>
Miller, Alan
For those coming out of the winter with a less-than-your-best level of conditioning, we have a few basic exercises that will help you get ready for spring in the great outdoors. Read more >>
Jackie Rainford Corcoran
With ski season on the horizon, it’s time to get those ski/snowboard/nordic legs ready—try these exercises to improve your cardio strength, stamina, agility, and balance before the snow flies. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Read more >>
Jamie Bartley
Yoga for athletes.
John Murie
Whether you’re an expert skier dropping into steep chutes or just making mellow turns on groomers, staying injury-free this winter ought to be high on your priority list. Read more >>
Palmer, Josh
It can get very confusing when researching how to get in shape—society and the media are full of ideas, tips, and tricks to help you become a better you. Read more >>
Herzog, Tim
Downhill mountain bikers have “a higher threshold for adrenaline and fear,” says sports psychologist Julie Emmermann. Other PhDs say mountain bikers should “have their heads checked,” “pray,” and “not fall off.” And some say that fear simply isn’t a factor, only fun. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Gone are the days of focusing on just one sport—there are just too many fun things to do in southwest Montana. Instead, good Bozemanites know building a strong athletic base is the best way to enjoy the outdoors, stay healthy, and perform at a respectable level. Read more >>
 Check out these websites for yoga and pilates studios around southwest Montana. Read more >>
Henrichon, Jeremy
Between your job, family, and skiing as much powder as possible, there’s little time left for training. That’s where this workout comes in—you can do it anywhere and no weights are required. It will help you build leg and core strength using bodyweight exercises. Read more >>
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