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Emely Lambert
Fueling up for winter activity. Bozeman provides endless opportunity for outdoor recreation. For those of you exploring the mountains in winter for competition or adventure, your mood, cognition, and overall performance will reflect your fueling choices. Read more >>
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Tips from the O/B health experts. 
Spring Detox
Dr. Walters, Lou
Health tips for the season.
England, Mike
Energy products to supplement the season.
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Dr. Walters, Lou
Shedding winter weight
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Jack Ballard
You get out what you put in. 
Purps Vita T/H multi-vitamin
England, Mike
Winter’s the dry season for overall health, as we enjoy far less sunshine, fresh air, and vegetable variety, which deprives our body of essential nutrients. Read more >>
Mike England
On any long hike, run, or ride, when space is tight and the squished-food factor is high, the standard solution is to pack a protein bar—which often translates into a tasteless, rock-hard lump of who-knows-what sitting in your gullet the rest of the day, until finally dissolved by a few après-out Read more >>
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Walters, Dr. Lou
An omnivore’s delight.
Walter, Lou
Feeling a little frumpy since the warm days of summer? Despite your best efforts, has the weight accumulated like snow on tree branches? Depending on how frumpy we are talking, it may be a normal physiologic response to winter. Read more >>
Lou Walters
 A friend of mine gives me a hard time for hunting deer and elk, because—unlike bears or wolves—they cannot hunt back. He says it isn’t manly if there isn’t an equal chance the prey can kill you. I always say it depends on how you cook them. Read more >>
Johnston, Holcomb
The smell of gunpowder is in the air and Montanans have the chance to fill their freezers with some of the most nutritious and sustainable food around. Read more >>
Johnston, Holcomb
“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”   —Albert Camus  Read more >>
Here are some local businesses that can help you with your individualized nutrition needs and more:Bozeman Deaconess Nutrition Read more >>
Baker, Alicia
I admit it—I love the free bread when dining out. At a restaurant the other night, and after the waiter returned with our drinks, I asked if we could have bread. He replied, “We have gluten-free sourdough or gluten-free wheat.” I told him I’d like regular bread. They didn’t have any. Read more >>
Johnston, Holcomb
Cooler temperatures, waning light, and snow mean an increased risk of getting sick. Use these simple techniques to help stave off common illnesses during the coming chilly months. Read more >>
Baker, Alicia
We've all done it: lacking energy for that afternoon ride, or trying not to fall asleep at work, we reach for an energy drink. Sure, it beats that pesky sleepiness into submission and keeps us upbeat and alert for another hour or two…but is it really worth it? Read more >>
Baker, Alicia
In winter, it's just as important to consume Vitamin D and Vitamin C as it is to keep up physical activity. However, intakes of these micronutrients tend to decline in winter due to limited sunshine (for Vitamin D production) and limited access to fresh fruits (which contain Vitamin C). Read more >>
Setzer, Shannon
Hooray, winter is here! Get out your skis, snowshoes, and ice skates—it’s time for fun in the snow. As an outdoor enthusiast, you might ready your body, strengthening knees, legs, and arms for the activities ahead. But do you think about your skin? Read more >>
Alicia Baker
When you hunt, nutrition is the first thing that comes to mind, right? Don’t roll your eyes just yet—nutrition should definitely be considered when deciding if you want that piece of beef steak or an elk roast for dinner. Read more >>
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