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mental health, exercise, health, fitness
Ann Thomas, MD and Nikki Kimball, PT
Improving mental health through exercise. 
hip, orthopedic surgery, hip injuries
John Sveen
All about hip impingement. 
Spring Training, Group Run, Health & Fitness
the editors
The season's best health & fitness products. 
hot springs, medicine, medical
Dr. Lou Walters
The medical benefits of hot springs. 
Maria Anderson
Tips from a seasoned competitor.
running, MSU, trails
Wangmo Tenzing
Running through the pain. 
Outside Bozeman, wake surfing, sun, skin
Dr. Teresa Mann
Protecting your skin this summer. 
Seasonal Affective Disorder, Massage Therapy, Bozeman
Cheryl McDonald
Avoiding Seasonal Affective Disorder.
Dr. Lou Walters
What you need to know about altitude sickness. Read more >>
Sheets, Jenny
Where to get racy this summer
running, trail running, bozeman
Slepian, Maggie
Trail running—especially in mountainous terrain—is more complicated and challenging than m Read more >>
Photo by Craig Hergert
Dr. Lou Walters
While the blooming green landscape around town is beautiful in the summertime, it invariably means that allergy-inducing pollen will assault us until fall. We breathe in pollen, and it triggers our immune system which tries to protect us like an overzealous bodyguard. Read more >>
Photo by Ryan Krueger
Reuss, Dave
The last of the sky’s bruised-purple tint has faded to black, and now it’s anywhere from eleven at night to four in the morning. The miles and hours pile on top of each other until it’s impossible to tell what time it is. Read more >>
Tim Herzog
Diving in with Heather McPhie on motivation and mindset. Read more >>
Ben Hilleboe
What do you envision when you think of “therapy”? If you’re like most people, you probably see a settee in a dimly lit room with “ocean sounds” coming from a CD player. Sound about right? Read more >>
Johnston, Holcomb
Considered power spots in nature, hot springs have been utilized by cultures worldwide for meetings, sacred gatherings, purification, and healing. Read more >>
Melynda Harrison
Around Montana, runners, anglers, and cowboys are breaking out their gear to help find a cure for breast cancer—the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women, after lung cancer. In the United States, a woman has a one in eight chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. Read more >>
Margaret Burns Vap
Bozeman summers are perfect for taking your yoga practice outside. Not only do we have comfy temps, low humidity, and relatively few mosquitoes, you can't beat the inspiring scenery. So mosey your mat over to a spot with a good mountain view and get your yoga on under the Big Sky. Read more >>
Renee Swinson
When you think of massage, what comes to mind? It may simply be relaxation, or you may expect a more clinical experience. You may want to work out the knots, release the tension in your lower back, or get rid of a headache. Read more >>
Kim Thielman-Ibes
I used to think yoga was for sissies, Pilates for the lazy, and Rolf—who the heck is he? Read more >>
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