Mike England
When tramping around the mountains in search of game, a hunter often goes from vigorously hiking to being absolutely still and back again, all day long. Read more >>
Review: Hill People Runner's Kit
Chris McCarthy
I wanted a chest pack to carry my .410 pistol while trail running—not for protection, but for mountain grouse my dog and I stumble across. Read more >>
Kenetrek, Rapid Rifle Covers, Stone Glacier, Skyblade Knives
the editors
Gear up with these local companies.  
Review: Nikon Laserforce
Brian England
Nikon’s LaserForce rangefinder binos aren’t just techie-gear masturbation. Read more >>
Review: First Lite Furnace Henley
Mike England
First Lite's Furnace Henley is a stretchy, form-fitting pullover that let Read more >>
hunting gear
Drew Hulse
Like many outdoor enthusiasts whose hobbies outnumber their savings, I must choose my gear wisely—new skis are purchased only at the expense of a new bike, and so on. Read more >>
gear, hunting, vest, Bozeman
Mike England
At first blush, blaze-orange hunting vests may seem like cotton swabs—the brand doesn’t matter, ’cause they’re all the same, right? Experienced hunters know better, and Orange Aglow clearly does, too. Read more >>
MountainWorks Montana Hunting Access 2016, Montana Hunting
Chris McCarthy
It’s happened to me a couple times: I do all the planning for a morning hunt on the dining room table and, when I head out, I leave my BMA maps behind. Now I’m stuck searching for a block management area to hunt and I'm unable to locate the sign-in box. Read more >>
Mike England
Hunting by personal watercraft.
Mike England
Four products to enhance your hunting.
rangefinder, optics, Bushnell
Chris McCarthy
I’ve often considered "gadgets" for hunting unnecessary. If I need devices to tell me how far away animals are, I’m too far away. Over the last couple seasons, however, I’ve discovered that a reliable rangefinder ensures a good shot. Read more >>
Review: Kammok Kuhli Pro
Mike England
When backpacking, an easy way to lighten the load is to carry a tarp instead of a tent—and if you choose the Kammok Read more >>
Review: Orvis Upland Softshell
Chris McCarthy
When upland bird hunting, you face a variety of conditions, from open fields to nasty brush. Read more >>
Review: Nikon ProStaff 3s
Mike England
It's easy to drop some serious dough on optics, but it's not always necessary. Read more >>
Cannae Pro Gear Deuter T3 Tactical
Mike England
The word "tactical" may be overused these days (one company even sells tactical camp chairs, whatever that means), but it definitely applies to the two packs I'm trying out during this year's hunting season, as each features genuine military attributes. Read more >>
Review: Huntcrafted Phelps Elk Call
Mike England
For those whose aesthetic sensibilities travel with them into the field, HuntCrafted has commissioned a series of refined-looking game calls, among them the Read more >>
OnXMaps, Bozeman Hunting
Chris McCarthy
I was an early adopter of the land-ownership chips from OnX—I’ve had one in my GPS for seven years now. Read more >>
CRKT Homefront Hunter Knife
Chris McCarthy
Need a new blade this hunting season?
gear, boots, hiking
Mike England
A solid three-season hiking boot is a staple in every outdoor enthusiast’s closet, and when you’re ready for a new pair, I suggest the Zephyr GTX Mid TF from LOWA. Read more >>
knife, hunting, gear
Mike England
Ruger makes great guns, and I own several, so when they announced a new line of knives, I quickly ordered the Cordite Compact. Read more >>
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