Review: Sock It to Me

Balega Socks Low Cut Enduro

Review: Sock It to Me

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David Tucker

Balega's updated Enduro line. 

Before going to work for an outdoor-media company, I never really considered the sock "gear". I knew there as such a thing as a ski sock, but other than that, any garment that enveloped my foot sufficed for running, hiking, and biking. Fast forward a decade and my mind has been blown.

There are, indeed, socks for every occassion—and they make a difference. Over the summer, I was fortunate enough to test some updated running socks from Balega—their Enduro line in low cut and no-show. Before taking a single stride on the trail, I noticed how comfortable the socks are. Their plush, bottom-side cushioning makes me feel like I'm wearing slippers, and to be sure, I've taken to wearing them around the house. 

Once in my shoes, the cushioning doesn't add bulk or compromise feel; I can still feel the details of the trail below my foot and I can react accordingly. The top-side of the sock is highly breathable, dumping heat when pushing miles in the mountains. There's zero slip, meaning blisters and other hot-spots are a thing of the past.

The Enduro line comes in three lengths—no-show, low cut, and crew—so you can pick and choose based on temperature and preference. Almost any time of year, I prefer crew for some added protection against minor scrapes. 


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