Review: Redington Prowler
Mike England
Like other frugal fishermen, I refused to replace my beloved wading boots, instead modifying them with sheet-metal screws, duct tape, and other jury-rigging, season after slippery season. Read more >>
David Howlett
Bigger gear for bigger fish. 
David Howlett
New gear from HT Enterprises.This winter, I decided to up my ice-fishing-gear game, and with the help of HT Enterprises' latest and greatest, I was able to do just that. Here's the stuff that's made it into my every-day rotation. Read more >>
Review: Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder
Mike England
With all the doodads and thingamajigs dangling from fly vests these days, it can be difficult to know where necessity stops and excess begins. Read more >>
Mike England
Line, leader, and tippet for chasing large trout. Read more >>
chest pack, fishing chest rig, Outside Bozeman
Mike England
Once an essential apparatus, the fly-fishing vest no longer holds hegemony, thanks in large part to innovations like the FHF Gear Fishing Chest Rig. Read more >>
waders, fishing, hunting, water, lacrosse
David Howlett
I gained admiration for the Lacrosse Insulated 
orris fishing waders
Chris McCarthy
With the exception of July and August, if I’m fishing, I’m in waders—so having a comfortable pair is a priority. Read more >>
Review: Smith Freespool MAG
David Howlett
Quality optics are a key component of my fishing arsenal, and the Freespool MAG from Smith Read more >>
Review: Redington Siren
Pico Alt
Redington’s Siren women’s wading boots are confidence-inspiring, an important characteristic on southwest Montana’s bigg Read more >>
Bozeman, Fly Fishing, Local Manufacturers
the O/B crew
Getting outfitted locally. 
Plano, Guide Series 3600, fly box
David Howlett
The Guide Series 3600 tackle bag boas
PLANO Guide Series 3600 Tackle Bag
David Howlett
I needed a versatile and durable tackle-storage solution that could easily transition from the various boats, rafts, and kayaks I regularly fish from. Read more >>
Keeper Tape
David Howlett
Why didn't I think of this? That's what came to mind as I applied Keeper Tape to my fly rod. This simple but handy product applies a self-adhesive, transparent measuring tape onto your fly rod, and can measure fish up to 36 inches. Read more >>
Montana Fishing Access—MountainWorks
Chris McCarthy
It’s not often that I don’t have my fishing gear with me, which can lead to me looking longingly at a nice little stream, wondering where I can legally access it. MountainWorks Software has eliminated that problem with the release of the Montana Fishing App. Read more >>
Bloom’s Parachute Caddis
Jimmy Armijo-Grover
Picking flies for any given day can be an overwhelming task. My advice? Keep it simple. Read more >>
Montana Fly Fishing, Yellowstone Fly Fishing
the editors
Mid-spring fly-fishing gear.
Tucker, David
For a while, I was content to fish from the shore or only wade in a short distance in river shoes. This had a twofold affect. One: I didn’t catch fish. And two: I got cold and wet. Read more >>
Howlett, David
As an avid fisherman, I’ve always been a big fan of Costa sunglasses, so when given an opportunity to review the Luke 580P shades, I quickly jumped at it. Read more >>
Howlett, David
I’ve been fly fishing for years, yet I’m far from being the most elegant or efficient caster. However, my suspect casting ability has been given a recent boost by a stealthy new rod—the Boost BL-950 from Echo. Read more >>
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