MSR Reactor Hanging Kit

Stove hanging kit, camping stove kit

MSR Reactor Hanging Kit

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Howlett, David

Who spilled the beans? Canister stoves are great for heating food, but can be unsteady without a flat surface to cook on. I learned this the hard way during my last car-camping trip when my stove tipped over, spilling a pot of delicious baked beans onto the forest floor. Nothing enhances the flavor of Bush’s Best like crunchy pine needles and gritty sand… yum. Lucky for me, I found the Reactor Hanging Kit from MSR, allowing me to suspend my Reactor Stove System and prized beans, thus eliminating the need for a stable surface—which also frees up kitchen space and makes the stove more efficient. The kit is easy to use, sets up quickly, and is constructed almost entirely of cable, making it extremely light (28g) and compact. Bean-tested and camp-approved. Available at Bob Ward's and Timber Trails. $30;

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