Review: MSR Hubba Tour
David Tucker
MSR’s Hubba Hubba is a backpacker favorite. But what if you want to go light, fast, and long without sacrificing features?  Read more >>
Review: Camp Chef Rainier
Angie Mangels
With the compact and efficient Rainier two-burner stove from Camp Chef, a hot beverage on a chilly morning i Read more >>
Mike England
Years ago, I spent many a night under an army-issue poncho, and I’ve been searching ever since for a civilian model that replicated it in terms in terms of size and weight, but with a few improvements for making a bigger, better “hooch.” I think I may have finally found it in the Read more >>
Primus PrimeTech 1.3L
Taylor Burlage
With an integrated burner, two 1.3L pots, a lockable pot-gripper, and a lid with an integrated colander, the Read more >>
Kammok Wallaby Hammock
Mike England
For an impromptu spike camp on early-season elk hunts, you can’t beat the Roo Single  Read more >>
Jayco, camping, camping trailer
Mike England
The challenge for those who want to haul a camping trailer—apart from being teased about getting soft—is finding a m Read more >>
BearVault, bear vault, bear spray, Outside Bozeman
David Tucker
Testing a bear canister proves challenging, as to fully appreciate the worth of your product, you have to encounter a bear Read more >>
Therm-a-rest NeoAir All Season SV
David Howlett
After two seasons of heavy abuse and several patch jobs, it was time for a new air mattress. I opted for the four-season, rugged, go-anywhere NeoAir All Season SV from Therm-A-Rest. Read more >>
Review: Uncharted Supply Co. Zeus
David Tucker
For all the batteries that need charging. 
Review: Clevermade Tahoe
Mike England
For picnics, daytrips, and après-activity refreshments, the CleverMade Tahoe i Read more >>
Review: Nemo Tensor Ultralight
David Tucker
There’s light, there’s ultralight, and then there’s the Tensor Ultralight from NEMO. Read more >>
Review: Nemo Escape Pod
David Tucker
When you’re traveling light and fast in the backcountry, space and weight are always at a premium. Read more >>
Annie Lindersen
Whether it's post-supper chores or heeding the call of nature at 3am, frigid high-alpine air can take all the fun out of a Forest Service cabin. Read more >>
Wangmo Tenzing
Bubi’s BPA-Free Water Bottle is redefining what water bottles can do. Read more >>
Review: Helinox Chair & Table
Mike England
Ever since Helinox redefined the lightweight, collapsible camp chair, I’ve kept two of them in my car-camping kit—they're compact and comfortable, and they set up quick Read more >>
Review: Wenzel Camp Quilt
Joyce Pollastro
I took Wenzel's Camp Quilt along to a music festival this past summer and it proved a cozy solution for when t Read more >>
Review: GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station
David Tucker
Dispersed camping is the best camping, but there are drawbacks—such as the lack of a picnic table for food prep. Read more >>
Review: Thermarest NeoAir X-Lite, Backpacking Gear, Bozeman
Ian Roderer
I’ve spent hundreds of nights in the outdoors over the past 20 years. Read more >>
GCI Outdoor Wilderness Backpacker
Mike England
Relax in style anywhere with the Wilderness Backpacker from GCI Read more >>
Kammok, Roo Single, hammock
Mike England
For an impromptu nap or overnight on early-season hikes or river trips, you can’t beat the Roo Sing Read more >>
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