Mike England
Ultra-lightweight shoes may be all the rage these days, but kick a rock head-on with those paper-thin booties and you’ll be limping back to the trailhead, wishing you'd saved your ninja slippers for the dance floor. No Read more >>
zipper failure, camping, Bozeman, tent zipper
Colleen Tretter
Tent-care tips. Outdoorspeople know there are three guarantees in life: death, taxes, and zipper failure. None are any fun, and I’ll avoid the first two, but hopefully these tips will help you with the latter inevitability. Read more >>
binos, knife, rope, gear, hunting, Bozeman
the editors
Sometimes, the difference between good and bad days afield can be reduced to a single element: quality binos, the right knife, an extra piece of rope. Read more >>
Hunting, pack, hunting pack, Bozeman
Tim Hoffer
For the majority of hunters, especially out West, a backpackis a vital piece of gear, on par with good boots. Read more >>
Bozeman, hunting, footwear, boots
Curt Smith
On the hunt, footwear is as critical a gear consideration as any. When looking for the best boot for the job, focus on some key areas, such as time of year, terrain type, pack weight, and the style of boot that has worked for you in the past. Read more >>
gun, guns, rifle, rifles, bozeman
Kurt Dehmer
With the variety of big-game animals we have in Montana, picking one all-purpose rifle is no mean feat. Before buying yourself a shootin’ tool, it’s best to ask yourself some basic questions: Read more >>
fishing reels, fishing gear, fly fishing, fishing essentials
Tompkins, Josh
What you need to fish Montana
Smell 'em if you got 'em
Maas, Tammy
The musty truth behind big-box hunting apparel.
England, Mike
Gear and apparel for August adventures and beyond. Read more >>
Kevin Fletcher
A couple years ago, my friend Darren and I figured the best way for us to climb and ski Gallatin Peak in May—without getting caught on the mountain too late in the day—would be to drive to the trailhead the night before, wake up at 3am, and start skinning. Read more >>
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