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Outside Bozeman
It’s hard to beat free stuff, and that’s why Outside Bozeman has always strived to give away as much loot as we can. This issue we’re happy to announce the winner of the Wingate Weekend contest: Bryan Clark. Bryan scored himself a night at the Wingate, dinner at [restaurant], and [activity]—the perfect close-to-home getaway. Next up? The long-awaited Outside Bozeman photo contest, where local photographers, both amateur and professional, submit their best work and vie for tons of great prizes, including a brand-new [make, model] camera from F-11. Details to come in the Winter 2007-08 issue. But that’s not all—there’s still time to enter the Montana Suby Tales contest. Prizes abound for this puppy—we’re talking backpacks, rafting trips, gourmet dinners, weekend getaways, and free Subaru service, to name a few—and winning stories and photos will appear in the Spring 2007 issue. So think back on all the mishaps and misadventures you’ve had in your or your friends’ Subarus, put pen to paper, and make your bid for local fame and fortune. But don’ t procrastinate; the deadline is December 31. Tell us your Suby Tale!

Suby Tales 2007 Sponsors:
Montana Import Group
Northern Lights Trading Co.
Mystery Ranch
Big Sky Resort
Barrel Mountaineering
Zebra Cocktail Lounge
River Source Outfitters
Elle’s Belles Cookies
Montana Spirits
Nova Café

How Far Will You Go
Another summer gone by, and another slew of O/B readers traveling the globe, Outside Bozeman in hand. This season’s contest saw entries from offshore Australia to the mountains of Nepal and everything in between. Cameron Phillips carried O/B with him while cycling behind the Tour de France, snapping a shot after climbing the fabled, and notoriously brutal, L’Alpe d’Huez. Meanwhile, George Durkin made an exhausting climb of his own, to the summit of Island Peak in the Himalayas—at 20,305 feet, that may be the highest and O/B has ever gone. “It was a long haul,” George wrote, “but as you see Outside Bozeman was there.” Veteran world-traveler and Spring 2007 How Far winner Trevor Olson carried O/B some 60 feet underwater, where he and his dive buddy Eric Kuntzelman posed for the shot. Also submersing herself for O/B’s sake was Jane Ward, who took a pic with her copy at Protestant Cay in St. Croix—after swimming around the entire island! Closer to home, Wendy Weaver and friends hauled Outside Bozeman deep into the Montana backcountry for a wilderness float trip.”It’s too hard to stray far from Montana in the summer,” she said, “so we did ‘how far will you go’ within the state line.” Tough call this time, but we’ll give the not to George Durkin, not least for his climbing pal Jesse Rather’s excellent photo. “I took the shot with a 15mm fisheye lens,” he wrote, “the perspective is surreal!” Congratulations, George and Jesse, and to everyone else who entered—thanks for packing O/B along.
Note for future entrants: Contrary to popular belief, How Far winners are not picked on distance from Bozeman alone. Photo quality, originality, and effort expended are a few of the other factors we consider when selecting each issue’s victor. Another tip: It often helps to have a local reading the mag instead of yourself, or reading it with you. Look through back issues for ideas, or email [email protected] with questions.

Mountain Music
Thanks to everyone who attended the 1st Annual Mountain Music Youth Benefit, sponsored by the Bozeman Watch Company and Outside Bozeman magazine. The event was a big success, with foot-stompin’ music from several local bands—including the Tall Boys, Ten Foot Tall and 80 Proof, and Jessica Kilroy—tasty grub from area vendors, a fun and diverse silent auction, and a whopping $4,000 raised for Youth Dynamics, a nonprofit foundation devoted to helping disadvantaged children. Keep your eyes peeled for next summer’s event, which should be even bigger and more fun. For more information or to donate, contact Youth Dynamics at 585-9402 or visit youthdynamics.org.

O/B Blunders
It’s been awhile since we last acknowledged our moronic missteps, and it’s high time for some good old-fashioned self-flagellation. A couple oversights from the Spring 2007 issue have recently come to light: first, we misspelled Senator Jon Tester’s name, adding the conventional “h” to his preferred (and much-hipper) given name. Worse, we stated that Ryan Rigard worked at Summit Bike & Ski, which he never officially did (despite the fact that he always seemed to have free reign behind the counter). The Summer 2007 issue also had a few screw-ups: Tom Kingsbury’s climbing shot on page 102 is not, in fact, of Scorched Earth; it’s a limestone crag south of Bozeman pass. We also got the [rodeo date wrong, a few words about that]. And In Jewel England’s article “Moving Mike,” the author of I'm OK You're OK was mistakenly credited as being a Bozeman resident, when in fact he lived in northern California. Thanks to all our sharp-eyed readers for catching these mistakes and keeping us on our toes.
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