Mountainfilm in Telluride: Best of 2002-2005

Mountainfilm in Telluride: Best of 2002-2005

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Vaienti, Lara

Mountainfilm in Telluride: Best of 2002-2005
Lenticular Pictures

This dual-layer DVD features 11 short films screened at the Telluride Film Festival from 2002 to 2005. It is almost three hours of film that includes climbing in Majorca, mountaineering in Tasmania, base-jumping in South Africa, the struggle of monks and nuns in Tibet, producing bio-diesel with a Telluride-based eco-rapper, and many others. You will experience the indomitable spirit of exploration and adventure that the world and its mountains have to offer.

In these films, you will meet people who will teach you that life is not about accumulating “stuff” but living fully in the moment, focusing on the beauty of nature, and abandoning the worries of the material world. Whether such a philosophy is new to you or not, the video approach and the filmmakers’ angles will bring you a refreshing perspective on life in a time when it’s truly needed. Only a couple of skiing films are on the lame side; the rest of the films have great action and good imagery, especially the climbing and jumping films. Don’t miss such an inspiring couch-thrill.

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