Eat and Run

Eat and Run

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Reuss, Dave

We seem to do it every time: naively assume a measly Clif Bar will provide enough energy for a long day of climbing, hiking, etc. But by the time 10:30 rolls around, we're already scouring our packs for anything edible. Determined not to let history repeat itself, we did a little culinary recon for you and searched for the town's best portable breakfasts. Here's what we found.

Elle's Belles: Cheddar Bacon Scone – $2.75
I wasn’t entirely certain what a scone was, but I figured anything with cheddar and bacon had to be good. I was right. Elle serves up a humongous quiche-like scone about the size of a folf putter, then loads it with carbs, cheese, and bacon. Thankfully, no flavor was too overpowering, delivering a rich, hearty, handheld breakfast. I felt full for a long time after, keeping me powering through all the way to dinner.

La Tinga: Breakfast Burrito – $3.25
I’ve been a fan of La Tinga for a long time, so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed by its breakfast menu… which contains only one item. The breakfast burrito features a generous portion of cheese, guacamole, and spicy meaty/eggy goodness in a fresh tortilla. After loading it up with the signature hot sauce, I was in heaven. How do they craft such delicious Mexican food? The adorable little woman behind the counter let her famed recipe slip: “The secret ingredient is love, señor.”

Bagelworks: Bacon, Egg, and Cheese bagel – $3.50
Nothing quite like a hot bagel fresh from the oven, and when you add eggs, cheese, and crispy bacon to the mix (and free jalapenos if you flirt with the bagel babe just right), you’ve got a perfect portable meal. Brimming with flavor, this breakfast was cheap, superfilling, and chock full of carbs for energy. Get in early if you’re gunning for the jalapeno cheddar bagel, because this staff favorite goes fast.

Café Zydeco: The Big Mamou – $6.75
If you’re looking for some real staying power in your breakfast, then look no further than the Big Mamou. This carnivore’s delight is packed with egg, ham, smoked sausage, and pepper jack cheese on a toasted French hoagie. It filled me up, and as a bonus, this greasy bitch completely demolished my hangover. (In)conveniently, it’s only available on days when you’re most likely to be hurtin’ (i.e., Saturday and Sunday), so grab one while you can.

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