These fine people are O/B's most regular (as in frequent) contributing writers, photographers, and illustrators. 

  • Writers

    Braggadocical faux-authenticist David Schroeder grapples with the paradoxicalistic synergisms confronting born-again carnivores with vegan sensibilities. Read more >>
    Holden Sieler is a writer who grew up in Paradise Valley. His essays have earned prizes in national writing contests, but his crowning achievement reamins a chalk bag won in a bouldering competition when he was 13. Read more >>
    Ken Sinay
    Ken Sinay is the director of Yellowstone Safari Company and has been guiding wildlife watchers, backpackers, llama trekkers, river safaris, history buffs, and hunters in Montana for over 20 years. Read more >>
    Jim Manning
    Jim Manning served as planetarium director at Montana State University’s Museum of the Rockies for many years, living just outside Bozeman. Read more >>
    Jack Jelinski
    Jack Jelinski is a Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, and he still mentors faculty members, students, and aspiring fly fishers since retiring in 2003. He has been fly fishing for an even 60 years now, and he writes poems about it when he isn’t on the water. Read more >>
  • Photographers

    Joe Irons
    Joe Irons has lived in southwest Montana for 20 of his 35 years. Traveling the world makes him appreciate what we have here, and as far as he can tell, there’s no better place. Read more >>
    Dean Sauskojus
    Dean Sauskojus has spent so many hours driving to Yellowstone that he could drive the trip in his sleep—which he sometimes does for early morning photography. Read more >>
    Brian Grossenbacher
    Brian Grossenbacher lives in Bozeman with his wife Jenny and two daughters, Mackenzie and Sable. He started shooting in 2005 when he and Jenny were asked to write Fly Fishing Montana. On a gamble they used the photo budget to buy a camera and two lenses. Read more >>
    Mike Haring is a Big Sky resident who escaped from Michigan in 1977 to fish. He is a singer/songwriter and a nature photographer.  Read more >>
    Bozeman native Bob Allen has thoughtfully sculpted light and time through a camera lens since 1979. Read more >>
  • Illustrators

    Kyle Rothweiler
    Kyle Rothweiler is an infamous cartoonist of the old school; an unregenerate, un-p.c. admirer of Rube Goldberg, Al Capp, and Walt Kelly; and a strange mutant from another time and/or dimension. Read more >>
    Illustrator (and former Grizzly fan) Mike Russo attended the graphic design department at MSU, and what started as an obligatory sense of school pride soon turned into a genuine love affair with Bozeman. Read more >>
    Jason Williams moved to Bozeman from New Hampshire six years ago and has never been happier. He and his family love to hike with their dogs, especially up Hyalite. Read more >>
    Courtney Blazon is a graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she received a BFA in illustration and now works as an artist and freelance illustrator in Missoula. Read more >>
    Illustrator Blaise Arsenault is an East Coast escapee who works sales, teaches guitar, banjo, and fiddle at Music Villa and plays in a variety of cool local bands with odd names. He has been cartooning since he was a young lad, and his work has appeared in several publications. Read more >>
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