Gallatin Valley Land Trust Trail Ambassador
Cunningham, Terry
GVLT's trail-steward program.
Bell Lake Yurt
Villasenor, Estela
Local guides offer expert assistance.
Public Land and Water Access Association
the editors
The fight over access continues.
Elle's Belles, Montana themed cakes, outside bozeman
LaFortune, Emerald
Local food-and-beverage businesses steeped in the outdoors.
winter, ski, Montana, Outside Bozeman
Baril, Lisa
The life and times of Frieda Johnson.
Fishing Guide, fishing in Montana, fly-fishing
Tucker, David
Sarah Clark reflects on her life as a fishing guide. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
At the crest of Woody Ridge, the wind is howling. It’s the kind of wind that shears through Gore-Tex like muslin and isolates people behind their hoods and goggles. Even if we wanted to talk, our words would be spirited away before leaving our lips. Read more >>
Mike England
Every sport has its legends – great ones who, with courage and grace, have done things just a little bit better than everyone else. Baseball has Babe Ruth; boxing, Mohammed Ali; tennis, Billy Jean King. Read more >>
Walker, Carter
At two a.m. in what used to be a janitor's closet, Mike Finkel sits in baggy sweatpants and big fuzzy slippers staring at his computer screen, typing in bursts of energy. His truck is alone in the parking lot at the Emerson Cultural Center. Read more >>
Mike England
David Quammen and biological diversity.
Mike England
So there you are, buzzing across northern Mali, looking for the legendary salt mines of the Sahara. Mali is a bit unstable these days – the Tuareg people of the North are rebelling against the dominant black government in the south – and so you’ve brought along some hired muscle. Read more >>
O'Neal, Meghan
Mimi Matsuda first visited Yellowstone when she was eight years old, wide-eyed at the beauty the Park had to offer. From the seemingly magic geysers to the unmatched wildlife, young Mimi drank it in. Amidst the crowds, she spotted a tan, flat-brimmed hat. Read more >>
Stoops, Kira
The day before Missoula’s 2012 GrizzlyMan Adventure Race, Team First Descents athletes Jordan Stoner and Josh Vandermeer were set to scram with $1,800 in pledges for First Descents, a non-profit that takes young adults with cancer on outdoor adventures. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
As one of the top endurance runners in the world, Bozeman resident Nikki Kimball takes the brutal sport of ultra running to a whole new level. In ultra-running events, runners put themselves through an endurance test over courses spanning 50 miles, 100 miles, or more. Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
Not a lot of kids can say they outgrew their climbing harness, mountain bike, hiking boots and waders all in the same year. The outdoors are beckoning, and Bozeman kids are flying down the mountain at Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, and Moonlight. Read more >>
Lowe, Max
Alex Lowe grew up with a deep and pure love for the mountains, instilled in him as a child by his parents who took him and his two brothers out into the wilderness of Montana. He felt at home among the unmarred peaks and boundless serenity of the most remote pitches the world had to offer. Read more >>
Terry Cunningham
Pioneering athletes such as Pat Callis, Alex Lowe, Ed Anacker, and Tom Jungst established Bozeman’s reputation as a premier outdoor-sports community. Read more >>
Cunningham, Terry
The Dos Equis–hawking character dubbed “the Most Interesting Man in the World” has a rival in Bozeman resident Doug Chabot. The 48-year-old was arrested and jailed for a week by border guards in Tajikistan. Read more >>
Western, Sally
There is no mistaking the home of Livingston artist Parks Reece: a five-foot cartoon chicken perches on the mailbox amid animal bones and skulls scattered about the trees and fence posts. “Hi there!” Parks says in a mild-mannered Carolina drawl as he welcomes me in. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
A sprawling mass of letters, newspapers, photos, and scribbled, scrap-paper notes covers Kay Newman’s kitchen table. A thick three-ring binder plops down with a thud. Read more >>
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