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Below is our Winter 2019-20 crossword puzzle. Answers will be revealed on March 1, 2020. Read more >>
Get out. Explore. Take photos. Maybe win some stuff. Definitely have fun. Read more >>
It could be argued that no season defines Bozeman better than winter. After all, what’s more iconic than the Ridge at Bridger, Big Sky’s Tram, or ice climbing in Hyalite? Read more >>
With winter's slow start, everyone's itching to hit the Nordic trails. Read more >>
Another issue of O/B, another crossword. Below is the winter edition of our seasonal puzzle. If you think you got 'em all, swing by the O/B office for a chance to win some swag. Read more >>
We all know about the man from Nantucket, but our limits of limericks shall not stop there. Limericks: short, five-line poems in which the first, second, and fifth lines all rhyme, all to the same verbal beat. We're looking for your outdoor-related limericks. Read more >>
All right, brainiacs, start your engines. Below is our fall-season crossword. Take a stab at 'er, and if you think you nailed it, swing by the O/B office with your completed puzzle for a chance to win some swag.   Read more >>
Once again, things have gone too far. Ranch arches: these once-functional livestock gates have morphed into self-adulatory symbols of excess, ego, and erectile dysfunction. Yep, the rich-guy arch is spreading quickly through the outskirts of Bozeman and beyond. Read more >>
With the new season comes a new giveaway—and this one’s a keeper. Roll up to the river in style, fish with a professional guide, then spend the rest of the weekend in cool comfort, ogling all your new outdoor gear and apparel. Read more >>
The best of the best—that's what's in store this season, as we've plucked our personal favorites for a top-ten list of classics that never lose thier luster. Hitting 'em all won't be easy, but we've got faith in you—this is why you live here, right? Read more >>
A crossword for longtime locals.If you've been in Bozeman a while, you know that a lot's changed. But do you remember exactly what, when, and how? If you can solve this puzzle, be proud—your memory is solid, your status as a legit local secure.  Read more >>
Submissions are now closed. Congratulations to Hannah Hutchinson and her furry friend Kayak, who won this season's contest. Keep an eye out for next season's contest: an adventure weekend with a camper-van rental, guided fishing trip, and gear from Timber Trails and Dan Bailey's.-- Read more >>
fishing, fly-fishing, missouri river
Joshua Bergan
Springtime on the Mighty Mo.
shed hunting, hit list, outside bozeman, elk
Kurt Dehmer
Searching for sheds in the sticks. 
the editors
Amid the sporadic snowfall, spring is doing its best to break in, bringing with it blue skies, chirping birds, and—a few days after each dump, anyway—some dry singletrack. Read more >>
Neat Rock Outside Bozeman
Dawn Brintnall
Vertical distancing along the Madison. 
Get out. Explore. Take photos. Maybe win some stuff. Definitely have fun. Read more >>
Below is our Spring 2020 crossword puzzle. Answers will be revealed on or around June 1, 2020. Good luck! Read more >>
Dawn Brintnall
Sample Bozeman’s finest brews while on a runner’s high. Read more >>
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