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A break from the ski-porn norm.

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There's this fantasy, that once we plan a backcountry ski trip, everything is going to be perfect—perfect powder, perfect conditions, perfect lines. In reality, conditions will likely be variable, and those dreamt-about lines will be limited. An imperfect reality forces us to play the hand we're dealt and make the best of the experience—an idea celebrated in Powderwhore Productions’ newest film, Something Else. Breaking away from the norm of powder-porn, this film showcases the less-desirable side of backcountry skiing, while still providing quality cold-smoke imagery.
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My favorite segment depicts the best part of skiing: powder for patience. A group of friends tours the backcountry on the trip of a lifetime, only to find patchy snow covering otherwise-perfect lines. Although disappointed, they ski every day and make the best of what Old Man Winter has given them. After a few days of sliding on crust and ice, the team awakes to three feet of fresh. Face-shots fill the screen and you can barely see the skiers under the sheet of powder covering their silhouettes. The snow gods have answered their prayers and rewarded their commitment. 

While Something Else will put you on the edge of your seat longing for immersion in cold, white crystals, it will also motivate you to slap on those skins no matter the conditions—pending safety, of course. If the powder isn't there, make the best of it until next time. It’s more about the experience of connecting with friends, yourself, and nature. So this winter, get out and get after it—it won't always be blower but it'll always be worth it. And don't forget to check out Something Else when it comes to town September 30. For tickets, visit

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