Maggie Slepian, July 2013

The Lookout
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - 12:22pm Maggie Slepian

The dust kicks up thick and gritty in the Gardiner parking lot like it rarely does in Bozeman’s clean-swept downtown. The main drag is sparsely populated; the locals and tourists have migrated up the road to the rodeo grounds where they’re squeezed into bleachers, leaning against the fence, or waiting in line for a greasy burger. 

Gardiner Rodeo Opening Ceremonies 

Rodeo days are the summer draw for small towns across Montana. No one does it better or more authentically. During the rodeo celebration, the towns come alive in a rustic, genuine way that can’t be matched by big-city rodeos, no matter how flashy the promotions or renowned the sponsors.

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