Maggie Slepian, December 2012

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Thursday, December 27, 2012 - 11:32am Maggie Slepian

Bozeman's Inaugural International Mountain Day

In Bozeman during winter, it’s impossible to not be overcome by the vision of a freshly powdered peak as the clouds lift over the Bridgers. Or if you are one of the few people in Bozeman who doesn’t ski or snowboard, you gaze longingly at the mountains and count down the days until the snow melts so you can start your summer peak-bagging list. 

Whatever your favorite season may be, mountains play an undeniably large role in Bozeman life. So it only seems fitting for MSU to partner with local organizations to host Bozeman’s inaugural celebration of International Mountain Day this past Tuesday at the Emerson Center.

International Mountain Day (IMD) is a UN-designated day hosted all around the world for the past decade. It was created to raise awareness about the critical role that mountains play in our planet’s ecosystem, but until this year Bozeman had never hosted one of its own. 

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