Other Activities

DZone Skydiving, Three Forks Skydiving
David Howlett
Freefalling with DZone Skydiving. 
Wakesurfing, Ennis Lake, surfing, Outside Bozeman
Drew Hulse
Learning to wake-surf on Ennis Lake. 
Hyalite Canyon, Friends of Hyalite, Grotto Falls
the editors
Plowing pros & cons.
Ice-boating, Canyon Ferry
Drews, Debbie
Winter on the Missouri.
Bozeman Paragliding
Mike England
A lesson with Bozeman Paragliding.
Spring Activities Bozeman
the editors
Making the most of mud season.
Outside Bozeman, Smith River
Pogge, Drew
Don't rush the season.“There is no such joy in the tavern as upon the road thereto.” —Cormac McCarthy Read more >>
Bozeman Biathlon
Clove, Larry
A Bozeman skiing legacy.  
Horsepacking, True Tales, River crossing
Wimer, Brooke
A wilderness river-crossing gone wrong.
snowshoeing, bozeman, parks and recreation
Slepian, Maggie
Bozeman Parks & Rec update.
Find a guide to take you down the gnarliest whitewater in Montana! Read more >>
Nickell, Joe
Nobody moves to southwest Montana looking for balmy beaches. The choice to live here is a choice to embrace the long winters that come with the territory. June snowstorms aren’t out of the question, nor is ice-fishing in November. Read more >>
Metal Detecting, Earth's Treasures, Bozeman
Patti Albrecht
Seeking out Montana's buried treasure. 
NRS Quiver 9'8"
Mike England
When you’re ready to take your paddleboarding up a notch—and that means runnin’ the rivers, rapids and all—consider the Read more >>
Hyalite Canyon, Cross Country Skiing, Friends of Hyalite
Tucker, David
Friends of Hyalite releases new map.
Harley Biker, Motorcycle, Outdoors
Mike England
Traveling light, fast, and free.Get your motor runnin’Head out on the highwayLookin’ for adventureAnd whatever comes our way Read more >>
Stoll, Kelly
It’s hunting season in Montana and everyone’s gearing up to fill their freezers. Read more >>
4-wheeling, off-road driving, Montana
Fields, Gary
Outfitting your backcountry rig.
Montana Sunset, Bozeman Summers, Porch-sitting
Pogge, Drew
And let summer do its thing.Beware the barrenness of a busy life. —Socrates Read more >>
Fall, Bozeman, Montana
Krueger, Ryan
Slow down—don’t turn off the heat just yet. Check back in a month; we’ll be ready then, I’ll bet. Read more >>
  • Snowmobiling

    Cooke City, Backcountry Skiing, Snowmobiling
    Phil Knight
    And the beginning of winter fun. 
    Gallatin Valley Snowmobile Association, FWP
    Jones, Andrea
    New winter-recreation pass pays for trail grooming.
    Snowmobiling, Southwest Montana, Bozeman
    Rogel, Christine
    Southwest Montana's top trails.
    Rogel, Christine
    Snowmobilers have unique avalanche risk factors built into their sport. Today’s high-powered sleds are capable of reaching new heights at greater speeds, and each year riders venture farther into remote terrain. Read more >>
  • Snowshoeing

    Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Snowshoeing, Winter
    Adam Parkison
    Improvising in the wilderness. 
    snowshoe, winter, Montana, Outside Bozeman
    Clayton, John
    The wide, wide world of snowshoeing.
    Bozeman, Winter, Outdoor Activities
    Drew Hulse
    Quick, affordable winter activities.
    Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, face-off
    the editors
    A battle for the ages.
    Dave Reuss
    Looking for a new venue for your favorite winter activity? Just head over the hill. Doesn’t matter what blows your hair back—once the snow comes down, you can find it in Paradise Valley. Read more >>
  • Sledding

    Brogger, Lilly
    Beyond skiing this winter. 
    Cross country skiing, Bozeman winter activities,
    Harrison, Melynda
    Affordable winter pursuitsTo live in Bozeman, you have to love winter, and that means getting out in it. You could pay big bucks and hit the ski slopes, but there are cheaper ways to fall in love with winter too. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    As soon as snow covers the ground, you can count on Bozemanites rushing to their favorite spots for some sweet sledding action. Read more >>
    Becky Edwards
    Bozeman's sledding options.
  • Ice Skating

    creek skating, skater cross, Missouri River skating
    the editors
    Bringing folly back to outdoor recreation. 
    Haynes Pavilion, Gallatin Ice Foundation, Bozeman Hockey
    Tucker, David
    Haynes Pavilion adds ice.
    Gallatin Ice Foundation, Haynes Pavilion
    Tucker, David
    Demand for ice time in Bozeman is on the rise, and in response, a second skating rink is going in adjacent to the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Read more >>
    Cross country skiing, Bozeman winter activities,
    Harrison, Melynda
    Affordable winter pursuitsTo live in Bozeman, you have to love winter, and that means getting out in it. You could pay big bucks and hit the ski slopes, but there are cheaper ways to fall in love with winter too. Read more >>
    Overton, Mitch
    In Bozeman, many of us not only look forward to the arrival of Old Man Winter, we spend months preparing by saving money for passes and gear, mentally planning Ridge runs, scheduling work vacations, taping hockey sticks—and just plain getting giddy. Read more >>
  • Dog Sledding

    Rogel, Christine
    Now that winter is here, high-energy activities for your dog don’t have to end. Consider taking up skijoring, where two of Bozeman’s favorite things—skiing and dogs—are combined for a team-oriented adventure. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    I'm standing in chaos. Twenty-some Alaskan Huskies lurch and leap amid a morass of trucks, trailers, sleds, and riggings. Kennel doors open and close; rope, webbing, and harnesses line the ground; blankets and duffel bags pile up. Read more >>
  • Shooting

    Mike England
    An opportunity to aim a little higher. 
    Granite Creek Range, Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana Hunting
    England, Mike
    Repentance and redemption at the Granite Creek Range. Read more >>
    Bill Schneider
    I’m not a gun nut. I’m a regular nut who owns guns, but only to hunt, not to defend my home and family, join the militia or fight the forces of tyranny.Gun nuts don’t scare or intimidate me. Instead, I’m learning a few things from them. You can, too. Read more >>
    Long-Range Shooting, Hunting
    Bill Wood
    Musings on long-range hunting. 
    Hyalite Shooting Ban, Custer-Gallatin National Forest, Bozeman
    Mike England
    Target-shooting in Hyalite.
  • Caving

    Montana Caving, Northern Rocky Mountains Grotto
    Knight, Phil
    Caving, Montana-style.
    Curry, Graham
    Touring Lewis & Clark Caverns this holiday season. Read more >>
    Lynette Kemp
    Bats in Montana.
    Cummins, James
    "Listen!" says Peter, who is lying on his side a few feet in front of me in the small canyon-shaped passage. "I think I hear thunder." Read more >>
    Dehmer, Kurt
    This summer, when the mercury rises and another float down the tepid Lower Madison River sounds anything but refreshing, one might consider loading up the family for a day at Montana’s first state park. Read more >>
  • Birding

    Birding, Bozeman
    Ken Sinay
    Adding wildlife to the outdoor agenda. Most folks don’t consider themselves “birders,” but who knows when you’ll be peeing in the forest and you get dive-bombed by an angry bird? Want to know what it is? Here are some birding basics. Read more >>
    Spring migration, birding in Montana, Outside Bozeman
    Lea Brayton
    Bird migration in southwest Montana. 
    Reuss, Dave
    Harrison Lake, aka Willow Creek Reservoir, just east of Harrison in the Madison Valley, is now formally an Important Bird Area (IBA)—the 40th IBA in Montana. Read more >>
    Smith, Greg
    It’s not really spring until the birds return. Read more >>
    Mike England
    The best base camp for hunters exploring the Fort Benton area is the Grand Union Hotel. Perched on the bank of the Missouri River, this historic inn dates back to the late 1800s, when Fort Benton was the last stop for steamboats traveling into Montana territory. Read more >>
  • Swimming

    Boulder Hot Springs
    LaFortune, Emerald
    A shoulder-season Plan B.
    Montana Triathlon
    Parks, Matt
    An athletic ménage-a-trois.
    Becky Stein
    Fatigued muscles from too many turns at Bridger Bowl? Have the doldrums from short cold days? How about relaxing, rejuvenating, and warming in up in one of Montana’s hot springs? Read more >>
    Photo by Kyle Christenson
    Meghan O'Neal
    On those blazing summer days in Bozeman, sometimes all you want is to grab a swimsuit and some beer and go in search of sweet relief. There are a number of places to swim around Bozeman if you’re willing to look. Read more >>
    Photo by Gwen Morgan
    England, Mike
    Need a two-day getaway, but don’t want to blow wads of dough or spend hours on the road? Then pack a few things, shut off the cell phone, and head south to Ennis, where a laid-back and fun-filled weekend awaits—all within an hour’s drive of Bozeman. Read more >>
  • Scuba Diving

    Montana River Snorkeling
    Randall, Brianna
    River snorkeling in southwest Montana.
    Reuss, Dave
    On the first dive, nothing feels right. You can’t float, or you float too much, and the plastic regulator in your mouth tastes like car tires. But by the third dive, you’re a goldfish. You find neutral buoyancy in a second, floating weightless and even, light as a ghost. Read more >>
    Mike England
    Love snorkeling and scuba-diving but can’t afford a week in the Caribbean? Think there’s nowhere to dive around here? Read more >>
    England, Mike
    At 10:30 am, heat waves swim off the asphalt on Hwy. 287 north of Norris. It's gonna be a hot one. A quick stop at the Harrison store for munchies and Gatorade, and we're cruising down the dirt road to Willow Creek Reservoir, aka Harrison Lake. A 50-yard-long wake of dust billows out behind us. Read more >>
    Kent Orms
    On any hot summer day when I was a teenager, all it took was a phone call:"Hello?""Firehole."Click. Read more >>
  • Geocaching

    Fahlgren, Andy
    Look at a map of your area, and what do you see? Can you find every fishing access site you’ll ever need, or all the best hard-to-find creeks the locals won’t tell you about? Read more >>
    Roots, Alex
    Until relatively recently, �GPS� was an acronym familiar only to gearheads and a few fatcats who were able to access the U.S. Government�s Global Positioning Satellite system to steer their BMWs to the nearest Taco Bell. Read more >>
  • Golfing

    Reuss, Dave
    Think Big Sky is only fun in the winter? Think again. Over the last few years, Big Sky Resort has been ramping up their snowless activities, building a tasty menu of summer options that’s nearly on par with their wintertime fare. Read more >>
    Tina Orem
    And neither is NASCAR, or anything Laird Hamilton does. Read more >>
    Orem, Tina
    In New Mexico, it's 100 degrees out in July and the last thing you want to do is walk around with 20 pounds of golf clubs on your back for four hours. But that's what I did summer after summer as a kid, because my parents kept signing me up for lessons and tournaments. Read more >>
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