Range Time

Granite Creek, Target Shooting, Montana

Range Time

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Where to sight in your rifle. 

Practice makes perfect, and when it comes to accurate shooting, there’s no substitute for rounds downrange. Alas, with Bozeman’s booming population, sighting in your rifle at a random trailhead is no longer tenable. The good news is that there are plenty of private ranges around southwest Montana. Here’s a rundown.

Logan Range
Operated by the Manhattan Wildlife Association, this is the area’s most popular facility. The main rifle range goes out to 440 yards, which is plenty far for the average hunter. Membership involves a mandatory safety video, which can be viewed at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds; guests can accompany a member for a daily fee. Note: beware of range nazis, gun nerds who talk your ear off, and yahoos who don’t follow proper range etiquette.

Livingston Range
About the same distance from Bozeman, the Park County Rod & Gun Club has targets out to 500 yards. It’s a smaller, more laid-back place with an old-school vibe. Pick up a membership at Ace Hardware or Murdoch’s in Livingston, or tag along with a paid member.

This SEAL-led shooting school offers long-range instruction out to 1,000 yards and beyond. The range is near Four Corners and both private and group classes are available.

Precision-shooting classes take place on a range near Three Forks, at distances out to 600 yards. Long-range engagement courses extend that to 1,500 yards. One-on-one or group instruction can be arranged.

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