Hiking & Backpacking

Sky Rim Trail, Yellowstone National Park, Montana
Traute Parrie
Hiking Yellowstone's boundary trails. 
Trout Lake, Yellowstone, Family-Friendly Hikes
Melynda Harrison
Family-friendly Yellowstone. 
Natural Bridge, Boulder River
Robert Stone
Nice and easy along the Boulder. 
Oboz Women's Bridger 9' Insulated
Angie Mangels
When you own an active dog, you don’t really have a choice about getting out; the dog must be walked no matter the weather. Read more >>
Beehive Basin Trail, Spanish Peaks, Lee Metcalf Wilderness
Robert Stone
Hiking the Beehive Basin trail. 
Yellowstone Park, Fall Backpacking
Vicki Sielaff
Searching for memories in Yellowstone. 
Windy Pass, Windy Pass trail, hiking, family, Outside Bozeman
Melynda Harrison
Family backpacking made fun. 
Women’s Sawtooth Mid B-DRY OBOZ
Melissa Doar
"I’ve worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think about it real hard I can remember my first pair of shoes." So said Forrest Gump, and the same can be said for my first pair of hiking boots. They were full leather, heavy, took forever to break in, and didn’t grip anything when wet. Read more >>
Bear Spray Training, Tactic, Bozeman
Joe Dwyer
Guns vs. bear spray. 
Review: Gregory Wander Youth
Melissa Doar
Gregory’s Wander 50 is youth-focused, but its features and durability are comparable to adul Read more >>
Review: DNX Bars Grass-Fed Beef
Mike England
Gorp and Clif Bars may stop a growling stomach, but nothing pleases the trail-worn palate like an old-fashioned hunk o’ meat—which is where the DNX Grass-Fed Beef Bar Read more >>
Review: Nemo Switchback
Mike England
Compact air mattresses may be the new backpacking norm, but they’ll never be as comfy as traditional foam pads—especially those with modern upgrades. Read more >>
Review: Schnee's Kestrel
Danielle McCarthy
When I got my Kestrel boots from Schnee’s, I pulled them straight out of the box and went on a 25-mile backpack. Read more >>
Frazier Basin, Geology, Bridger Mountains
Patti Albrecht
The fossils of Frazier Basin. 
Lava Lake, Hiking, Fishing, Spanish Peaks, Lee Metcalf Wilderness
Robert Stone
The Trail to Lava Lake. 
Review: Beyond K4-Ventum Ultralight Pants and Shorts
Jurgen Haenke
Moving to Montana from a big city was a drastic change for me. All my city clothes felt uncomfortable, heavy, and inefficient when adventuring in the outdoors. Read more >>
Review: Balega Blister Resist
David Tucker
Early in the running season, blisters are the norm. Read more >>
Sioux Charley Lake, Stillwater River, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness
Robert Stone
Hiking to Sioux Charley Lake. 
Flynn Creek, horseback, etiquette
Stacie Boswell
Proper trail behavior around horses.
CDT, Backpacking, Pintler Mountains, Montana
Maggie Slepian
Backpacking the CDT in Montana. The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) is the longest and most remote of the three Triple Crown Trails, the other two being the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail. Read more >>
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