Picking up the Pace

Picking up the Pace

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Mike England

Nothing motivates like a challenge—be it a grade-school dare, a first-ever marathon, or starting a new business. So when the Gallatin Valley Land Trust’s Summer Trails Challenge rolled around, my optimism soared. Finally, I would hit all those trails I’d meant to over the last few years. I’d get out every day—no, twice a day—to soak up Vitamin D, burn off belly fat, and build lung capacity, all while logging miles (read: contributing dollars) for GVLT. Win-freakin’-win, right? 

Well, sort of. After a week and a half, I’ve logged a measly 20 miles. Work, an impromptu road-trip, and inclement weather have all slashed the blistering pace I set on day one. So what now? How do I get back on track, and not only salvage my own ambitions, but ensure that I do my part for GVLT, whose goal of a collective 66,000 miles—which means 66,000 dollars for trails and open land—is still a long ways off? Here’s my five-step plan to second-half success:

1. Get my lazy ass out of bed. One hour earlier each morning means 4-5 miles on the trail. Enough said.

2. Stop making excuses. The errands and chores can wait. And just cause it’s called a “deadline” doesn’t mean that someone will die if I miss it by an hour. Work is like the Matrix: some rules can be bent, others can be broken.

3. Stop being a pansy. The rain won’t kill me. If the steep trails are too muddy or slick, go for a run up Sourdough or a crossbike ride through town. Quit yer belly-achin’, boy!

4. Put on some new shoes. Like a magnet to metal, new outdoor gear tugs inexorably toward the trail. I’ve had my eye on the Oboz Bridger Low for a while—time to pick ‘em up, put ‘em on, and get after it.

5. Do my duty. This isn’t just for me, it’s for GVLT, one of the most important, impactful organizations to our local trails, scenic views, and outdoor way of life. I live here for all these things; it’s time to do my part and help sow what I reap.

So there you have it: an unassailable set of reasons to redouble my efforts for the next week and a half. Easy enough, and now I gotta run—literally. See you on the trails.

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