Armstrong Spring Creek, spring fishing, spring runoff
the editors
Where to fish during spring runoff. 
PLANO Guide Series 3600 Tackle Bag
David Howlett
I needed a versatile and durable tackle-storage solution that could easily transition from the various boats, rafts, and kayaks I regularly fish from. Read more >>
bait fishing, fishing bait, fishing in Montana, old-fashioned fishing
Mike England
Bait-fishing basics.
Blue Fox Spinner Lure Cast
Kurt Dehmer
Top five lures for every tackle box 
Pogge, Drew
I am not a disciple of Norman Maclean. To say it another way: I’m not a fly fisherman. Fly fishing is fine and dandy, but I’m more of an eater than a fisher. Fishing is something I do to provide myself with juicy, succulent meat, and that’s pretty much where the romance ends. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
88%: trout’s chance of survival if exhaustively exercised62%: trout’s chance of survival if exhaustively exercised and held out of the water for 30 seconds Read more >>
Frost, Mick
On a high bank above the East Gallatin River, my father and I sat on the hood of my beat-up ’64 Pontiac Catalina, sharing a beer. The early-afternoon sunlight filtered through the trees, warming our upturned faces. After the last swig we hopped down and got our fishing gear together. Read more >>
Brockmeyer, BA
I lost a lifelong friend recently. We grew up together in a small town in central Illinois. It’s one of those places that you can’t wait to leave when you’re old enough, but continually find yourself gravitating toward over the course of a lifetime. Read more >>
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