Tenkara USA Iwana Rod and Line

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Tenkara USA Iwana Rod and Line

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McCarthy, Chris

Simplicity. That’s become my motto. Leading the way in this newfound quest is the IWANA rod and line from Tenkara USA. Devolving from the full fly-fishing setup, this 12-foot fly rod and corresponding line lets me get on the water quickly. Everything needed to catch fish is connected to the rod. Expand the telescoping rod, attach the line and a fly, and its fish-on. The entire setup tucks easily into a backpack and rides nicely in the dry box or in a vehicle. It’s perfect for smaller rivers and creeks, making the average-sized trout feel like a river monster. The fishing style is different: while the casting motion is similar, the concern of feeding and mending line is all but gone. I also found my focus is on the water right in front, not 50 yards upstream. $195; tenkarausa.com.

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