Packrafting, Montana, Madison River
Corey Hockett
The skinny on packrafting.  
Packrafting, Southwest Montana
the editors
Packrafting local waters.  
Pristine Ventures PR 49, packrafting, packrafting Montana
Chris McCarthy
The idea of packrafting a river deep in the wilderness is exciting. Doing so with a couple hundred pounds of fresh elk meat—now that’s an adventure. The PR-49 from Pristine Ventures makes this type of epic Montana outing possible. Read more >>
Mike Fiebig, American Rivers, Wild and Scenic, Bozeman
Anthony Pavkovich
As part one of a new four-part series, Outside Bozeman caught up with American Rivers’ Michael Fiebig for a conversation exploring the intersection of conservation and recreation. Read more >>
Rafting, Floating, Rental, Bozeman
the editors
“Before borrowing something from a friend, decide which you need most.” —AMERICAN PROVERB Read more >>
Review: AIRE River Couch
Dave Schroeder
This past spring, my buddy and I were enjoying some hang time at a whitewater festival and chatting with a paddling-gear rep. Read more >>
Whitewater Rafting, Montana, Bear Trap Canyon
the editors
Getting your raft river-ready. 
Floating Montana Rivers
Garcia, Mike
A guide to finding your ideal boat.
Montana Float Trips
Krueger, Ryan
Overnight floats in the Bozeman area.
White Sulphur Springs, Smith River
Ross, Drew M.
Unexpected benevolence saves the day.
Yellowstone River, Paradise Valley, Montana Rafting
Brayton, Lea
It’s open season. Trails wait for fresh footsteps, jagged ridgelines call out, anticipating our arrival. Take time off from a fast-paced place and bask in the easy drawl of summer. The world is fresh, dripping new in hues of vibrant, lively blues. Read more >>
Missouri River, floating in MT, Outside Bozeman,
England, Mike
Floating the Missouri Headwaters.
river raft basics, floating montana rivers, outside bozeman
the editors
A raft is an incredible piece of equipment, allowing you to comfortably travel down a river through the middle of nowhere and bring along all the amenities of home. Read more >>
rafting, bozeman, montana, whitewater
Dehmer, Kurt
Like most fishermen, I happen to enjoy a frosty barley pop while engaging in my favorite pastime. Read more >>
Find a guide to take you down the gnarliest whitewater in Montana! Read more >>
Photo by Kene Sperry
Pogge, Drew
Live music is like nothing else. The sound is raw, the lights are blinding, the volume is cranked, and nothing tastes better than an $8 Bud Light after a couple of hours of jamming to your favorite band. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Every year, our corner of Montana braces for an endless caravan of RVs parading down toward Yellowstone, stopping in Livingston, Paradise Valley, and Gardiner along the way in vehicular atrocities larger than your house. Read more >>
House, David H.
“Dad, there’s a rock at the bottom of the ‘V,’” said Jesse, age seven. She knew that we would follow the deeper, glassier water into the steeper gradient. She made sure that we avoided the boulder as well as a likely corresponding hydraulic. Read more >>
Photo by Bill Bilverstone
Schroeder, Dave
The boat slices through the last standing wave and carves smoothly into the placid eddy on my right. The thrill of the upstream rapids courses through my veins while I slowly spin in the calm water. Read more >>
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