Montana Surf

Montana Surf

Mistretta, Jeremy
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The seasons have changed. The death of winter has brought flourished life to the mountains, canyons, and valleys. Alpine moisture has changed from a solid to a liquid form. Sporting enthusiasts have also changed their form, from snow sliders, to river riders.

Over the past decade, kayaking has changed its form as well. From fiberglass to plastic, and from long and skinny to short and stubby. The sports tempo has changed too, from mellow floating to rapid-running, waterfall-dropping, adrenaline crescendos.

Last December, three local pioneers in the extreme kayaking movement produced a white-water treasure that describes all of the runable rivers throughout Montana and other surrounding areas. Inside Montana Surf, you'll find gripping color pictures of raging white water, epic scenery, and river enthusiasts reaping the benefits of a constantly evolving sport right here in Bozeman.

The book’s authors, Russ Fry, Nick Turner, and Matt Wilson, with a host of other local athletes, traveled throughout Montana and its surrounding areas to produce this white water handbook that describes every kayak- and raft-compatible river and creek in Montana and portions of Idaho. Included in each river’s description are the runable sections, prime months, dangerous portages, average cubic feet per second flow, and its average gradient.

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