Killer B Sled

Killer B Sled

Bauder, Warren
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Last winter, I had the opportunity to “experiment” with an early model of Mad River Rocket’s Killer B Sled. With a little practice, I mastered a basic carve turn and a rudimentary hockey stop at the bottom of the slope. Of course, I felt those skills qualified me to take the sled airborne, which I quickly discovered requires more advanced sledding abilities.

Upon detailed inspection of the molded plastic hull, it is apparent that extensive design and field testing have fine-tuned these sleds—this is not your grandfather’s toboggan. A rider straps to the sled in a kneeling position with a heavy-duty thigh belt. The parallel runners on the bottom and the curvature of the sled allow for both stable tracking on hard-pack and deep-snow gliding. Removable plastic bolts convert the sled to a tow-behind gear hauler for extended winter expeditions.

With its moderate price tag, this sled is worthy of a spot in the garage. A word of warning, however: Hang your helmet and kneepads close by. Most of my wrecks resembled ill-practiced martial-arts maneuvers. $100;

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