Cold Smoke Awards

Cold Smoke Awards

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Stewart, Lucia
This April, snowy images of chunder sessions, jib tricks, and powder shots will lure Bozeman’s steep and deep fanatics to the second annual Cold Smoke Awards. Founded in an attempt to create a quality, original forum for independent filmmakers in Bozeman, the Cold Smoke Awards continues to grow in recognition, with over 100 submissions last year alone.

This showcase of short films from people purely capturing their experiences displays the true “light and dry” lifestyle of winter sports. “There is no real ego in Bozeman,” said Jeremy Mistretta, a co-founder of the Cold Smoke Awards. “More people are getting after it and are in it for the same reasons.”

As with all great ideas, it was shoptalk on the job site one afternoon in 2003. Two years later, founders and dreamers Mistretta, Brad Van Wert, Anjin Herndon and Jonas Grenz have created an innovative independent film platform known for its wild and zany awards night.

With the strong support network within the Bozeman community, the Cold Smoke Awards is supported by over 20 companies locally and nationally, including Patagonia, World Boards, and Wooky Backpacks. In return, a majority of the profits are donated to the Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center and the Big Sky Youth Empowerment Project. “We donate most of our profits to supporting the ski community and culture to ensure it will always be a part of Bozeman, because it is the backbone of Bozeman,” says Grenz.

With a recent relationship with a Danish film festival, there are hopes of sending this year’s winner to create an international rapport. As with every year, the Cold Smoke founders will be found on a ridgeline somewhere in Bozeman’s backyard around April Fool’s Day. But as night falls, they will be hosting the 2nd annual Cold Smoke Awards at the Emerson Cultural Center around 7:00 pm. For submission guidelines, go to
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