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Smith Sport Optics

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Fast, Annie
After years of retail experience I’ve come to the conclusion that most consumers buy snow goggles based on one thing: their reflection in the mirror. How a goggle looks is important, but it’s not your awesome sense of style that people will notice when you’re creeping down a ski run thanks to your fogged-up lens. Smith’s answer to our need for both style and function is the Fuse, the newest model in their Regulator series.

The most important part of a goggle is the lens. Smith’s Regulator lens is designed to reduce humidity—and thus fog—in the goggle by controlling the amount of airflow. The wearer can open the vents to increase the airflow on warm days, or shut it tight on those cold days, preventing the cold air outside from mixing with the body heat of the user inside. All Regulator lenses come with Carbonic-X technology, which increases visibility and contrast on the outer lens and provides better visual clarity. The lens also has a special Fog-X coating and 100% UV protection. All of this ensures that you’ll be able to see the moguls and terrain variations with plenty of time to react, in any kind of weather.

You can purchase a quiver of additional lenses for low light, nighttime, and sunny days, with most costing between $18 and $28 each. The pair I tested came fully loaded with Smith’s high-end RP25 lens—a rose-colored, platinum, mirror-coated lens. I tried replacing it a couple times and it wasn’t the nightmare process I’ve experienced in the past. Of course I was indoors instead of on the chairlift with the wind howling at my fumbling, frozen fingers—note to self.

The Fuse fit snug against my face thanks to an extra-wide strap and supersoft, split-V nose foam, which completed the tight seal and didn’t allow any air-blasts in. Fogging wasn’t a problem either, but it was too early in the season to administer the dreaded "Ridge Hike Test." The Fuse Regulator fits in all helmets, on beanies, across headbands—or right on top of your stylish haircut.

Most outdoor shops around Bozeman carry Smith products. For a list of dealers, or for additional product and warranty information, check out the Smith Web site.

Fuse Regulator Snow Goggles
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