Schnee's Shoes

Schnee's Shoes

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Henning, Becky
I have to admit, I had my reservations about the Schnee’s Montana boot. Looking at the pull-on style, I had flashbacks to my elementary school moon boots. As a kid, I wore those slip-on snow boots everywhere: shoveling the driveway with my grandpa, walking to and from school, and playing with my friends at recess. I hated the damn things. Not only did the liners smash down around my heels as I jammed my feet in, but they would invariably pop out as I took the boots off. And it wasn’t worth the effort to change shoes, because my feet rarely stayed warm or dry.

But as skeptical as I was, the Montana won me over completely. Its front hook-and-loop flap is indispensable. With the boot’s increased opening, instead of smashing the liners around my ankles, I could easily hold the liners steady as I pulled the boots on. And, I knew the design was a winner when the liner didn’t stick to my foot as I took the boot off.

Not only is the Montana’s design superior, it also performs. Putting them to a real test, I waded into ice-cold Hyalite creek. As I took my first step, I wondered if I would have to air out wet socks on the ride home—after all, the Montana isn’t supposed to be an all-purpose, all-terrain boot. But it passed with honors: the Montana’s rubber sole and tight seams kept my foot bone-dry; the trademark Schnee’s Advantage tread gave me ample traction as I walked across slick rocks; and all the while, the breathable Thinsulate liners kept my feet toasty.

The Montana is sensible, too. Like all Schnee’s signature boots, the rubber soles are fully rebuildable. The only drawback I experienced was the inevitable heel slippage that comes with heavy winter boots. But if that’s the only trouble with the Montana, I’m not complaining. Whether you’re trekking in the hills or scraping snow off the sidewalk, the Montana is a great all-around boot. From the moon to Montana—slip-on boots have clearly come a long way.

Montana Boot
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