Hammer Gel

Hammer Gel

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Sanford, Ashley
I’ve never really been into sports drinks or energy bars. Being an unathletic woman from the South, I had always believed that if you had gotten to the point where your energy was depleted and you were sweaty, it was simply time to sit down.

All of that changed when I moved to Montana. People in Bozeman seem to have unlimited supplies of energy, and the almost sadistic desire to push themselves past normal limits. I’ll never forget my first hike after I came out West. Some friends were going on an “easy” hike in the Spanish Peaks—they promised that on a scale of one to ten, it was probably a two. Fifty yards into the hike, my lungs felt like they had blisters erupting all over them, and my legs seemed as if they were weighted with irons.

I wish I’d had some Hammer Gel then. This self-proclaimed “rapid energy athletic fuel” packs a punch that your body can feel. On a recent run, I had hit the point where I would usually stop the tape, turn around, and walk home. Though it didn’t make me run like the wind, a little shot of the raspberry gel in my water bottle definitely gave me a boost. With 100% complex carbohydrates, it is slightly sweet without weighing you down.

At $15 for 20 fluid ounces, Hammer Gel isn’t cheap. The bottle comes with a small Hammer Flask for easy transport on a bike or climbing trip. The directions on the package give two ways to use Hammer Gel: straight from the Hammer Flask or mixed in a water bottle. Either way, the bottle claims “each serving will provide 45-60 minutes of solid energy.”

I would recommend mixing the gel with water. I took the Apple Cinnamon straight, but it was way too gooey going down; it reminded me of chewing gum that had melted in the car and just slides down your throat. Mixed with water, the gel tastes good and isn’t salty like other energy drinks.

The gel is made in Whitefish and will last 2-3 months after opening. It’s not a miracle drug, but it does what it promises. I’m definitely taking a Hammer Flask the next time I head into the Spanish Peaks.
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