Photo by Ryan Krueger
Stone, Robert
The entire length of the Gneiss Creek Trail traverses 14 miles through the Madison Valley. The trail, which lies mostly within Yellowstone National Park, connects the Gallatin with Madison Canyon and the Madison River. Read more >>
MMBA Staff
With such little time before it starts snowing again, it’s important to do the very best rides around Bozeman. This bucket list is meant to pique your interest to get out and explore new areas by bicycle. Read more >>
Photo by Kene Sperry
Pogge, Drew
Live music is like nothing else. The sound is raw, the lights are blinding, the volume is cranked, and nothing tastes better than an $8 Bud Light after a couple of hours of jamming to your favorite band. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Every year, our corner of Montana braces for an endless caravan of RVs parading down toward Yellowstone, stopping in Livingston, Paradise Valley, and Gardiner along the way in vehicular atrocities larger than your house. Read more >>
Photo by Gwen Morgan
England, Mike
Need a two-day getaway, but don’t want to blow wads of dough or spend hours on the road? Then pack a few things, shut off the cell phone, and head south to Ennis, where a laid-back and fun-filled weekend awaits—all within an hour’s drive of Bozeman. Read more >>
Savage, Nick
There is no time on a river. There is only light and dark. The river becomes your clock, your controller. The river decides where you go and when you get there. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
Think Big Sky is only fun in the winter? Think again. Over the last few years, Big Sky Resort has been ramping up their snowless activities, building a tasty menu of summer options that’s nearly on par with their wintertime fare. Read more >>
Knight, Phil
Montana is graced with jaw-dropping mountains aplenty. But you can’t have mountains without valleys—and Montana’s valleys are as stunning as they come. The Big Hole, the Ruby, the Flathead, the Centennial… but only one is called Paradise. Read more >>
Jones, Andrea
Summers are short in Montana, so it’s important to get out there and take advantage of what makes this the Treasure State. Montana FWP is happy to help.Where the Wild Things Roam Read more >>
Dave Reuss
Hidden in the granite outcroppings just outside Norris, the deserts of Revenue Flats offer Bozemanites great early-season camping just an hour out of town. Flanked by gorgeous views of the Tobacco Roots, this locale has plenty of sites tucked in and around massive boulders. Read more >>
Janacaro, Tony
While the hills of Bozeman are still mud-laden from snowmelt and spring moisture, Pipestone offers some of the best biking around. Read more >>
Kinser, Karen
Bozeman insiders know that for those of us who love the great outdoors—especially in the winter—the Gallatin Valley’s offerings can’t be beat. But, hey, sometimes you just need to get away. Read more >>
Elpel, Thomas
Looking for a quiet fall float and some great scenery? Try the Jefferson River, starting from the Cardwell Fishing Access Site (FAS), 60 miles west of Bozeman just off of I-90 at exit 256. Read more >>
Mike England
If Yellowstone Park is America’s Serengeti, as it is often called, then the Absaroka Mountains are Montana’s Alps. Read more >>
Smith, Marjorie
For the past several years, my mother and I have been seeking out new places and spectacular Montana views that even an 89-year-old with limited mobility can enjoy, thanks to my trusty Subaru. Recently, our friend Chuck organized a “codger tour” for us to a corner of Madison County. Read more >>
Roberts, Lincoln
The Beartooth Pass typically opens in late May, after sufficient melt-off for plows to clear the snow-laden Beartooth Highway (U.S. Highway 212). Read more >>
Roberts, Lincoln
“It’s like standing at the top of the world,” I hear someone say over the constant hiss of the wind. Men mill around in shorts and t-shirts, ladies walk across a snowbank in sandals with heels, and a bright-yellow Mustang convertible rolls up with the top down. Read more >>
Kurowski, Becky Edwards
I lived in Montana for eight years without ever actually leaving "Bozeman." Sure, I skied at Big Sky, backpacked the Beartooths, cycled Yellowstone, and soaked at Norris. However, I never escaped my Bozeman bubble when I was home. Read more >>
Pape, Jay
By the time May rolls around, most of us are looking forward to the mountain biking season and miles of twisting and turning single-track bliss. The problem is, area trails usually don’t dry out until mid-June. Solution: check out some new terrain. Read more >>
Phil Knight
Paddling Yellowstone Lake.
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