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Dr. Julie Oghigian
And avoiding other winter hazards.
Mittelsteadt, Dr. Jane
Keeping your pets safe this season
Gustafson, Sid, DVM
When spring rolls around and Bozeman’s wildlife start to emerge from their dens, your curious dog might get more than he bargained for. Here’s an overview of how to deal with some common springtime hazards.Once Bitten Read more >>
Gustafson, Sid
Skis often cut the limbs of dogs who accompany their guardians too closely underfoot. Bleeding can be from arteries, veins, or capillaries. Arterial bleeding is bright red and spurting and is more serious than venous bleeding, which is darker red and seeps rather than squirts. Read more >>
Coble, Melynda
If you've ever had to pull porcupine quills out of a dog's face or wondered why your pal won't stop panting and laying in the shade during a trail run, then you need local veterinarian Sid Gustafson's new book First Aid for the Active Dog (Alpine Blue Ribbon Books, $18). Read more >>
Lavelle, Sarah
Summertime is play-in-the-water time, and our dogs like to splash around in lakes and ponds just as we do. But the aquatic world around us isn’t always as benign as it looks. As you enjoy the warm weather this summer, keep in mind that there are dangers lurking beneath the water. Read more >>
Anderson, Dr. Spencer
Bozeman is certainly a dog town, and summer is when we have more outdoor adventures with our favorite sidekicks. But there’s a fine line between letting our dogs have a life and not letting them injure themselves too badly or frequently. Read more >>
Johnson, Chuck
This fall, many of you will be heading out into the fields with your bird dogs or going on long hikes with your pets. There are many dangerous medical incidents and problems that can occur with your pet in the field, and whatever happens usually happens quickly. Read more >>
Sid Gustafson
Examining your dog: determining the seriousness of injury and illness. Read more >>
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