Billings Rimrocks, Rock Climbing
Drew Pogge
Spring climbing on Billings’ Rimrocks. 
Bighorn Canyon, Billings Montana
Traute Parrie
Desert road-tripping, Montana-style. 
Biking, Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone
Mike England
A weekend at Montana’s outdoor multiplex.  
weekender, getaway, southwest Montana
Drew Hulse
West Yellowstone outside of the Park. 
Big Sky, Montana, Fatbiking
David Tucker
Never has a right turn been more pleasing to the eye than the 90-degree pivot from the southbound lane of Hwy. 191 toward Big Sky. Read more >>
Upper Madison, Fly Fishing, West Yellowstone
David Tucker
A warning from winter jumpstarts a fishing road-trip.  Read more >>
escapes, vacations, get-away, weekend escape, lodging, Bozeman
the editors
Getting away close to home. 
Potosi Hot Springs, Montana hot springs, Outside Bozeman
Sarah Sinclair
From a walk in the woods to a walk down the aisle.  Read more >>
Mill Creek, Paradise Valley, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness
David Tucker
Relief from the heat on Mill Creek. It’s hot. Our house doesn’t have A/C and the weekend forecast calls for unpleasantly high temps. The thermostat hovers around 85 degrees indoors and it feels like our blood is about to boil.It’s time to escape. Read more >>
Gallatin River, Fly Fishing, Gallatin River Guides
David Tucker
A mini-vacation along the Gallatin. 
National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole
Jess McGlothlin
Jackson's summer culture calendar.  
Big Hole Valley, Montana Road-Trips
the editors
Under-the-radar spring trips. Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,Healthy, free, the world before me,The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.—Walt Whitman, “Song of the Open Road”  Read more >>
Outside Bozeman Lookout, Red Lodge Skijoring
Lea Brayton
The national skijoring finals return to Red Lodge.   Read more >>
Grand Targhee Resort, Wydaho, Bozeman
David Tucker
A Grand Targhee road-trip. 
Montana Mountain Biking, Fall Bikes Rides Bozeman
Allen, Bob
Where to ride this fall.
Photo by Kyle Christenson
Meghan O'Neal
On those blazing summer days in Bozeman, sometimes all you want is to grab a swimsuit and some beer and go in search of sweet relief. There are a number of places to swim around Bozeman if you’re willing to look. Read more >>
Lone Pine State Park by Chuck Haney
Nickell, Joe
Summer adventure in every direction.
Joe Nickell
Strike gold and adventure in southwest Montana.
Nickell, Joe
Nobody moves to southwest Montana looking for balmy beaches. The choice to live here is a choice to embrace the long winters that come with the territory. June snowstorms aren’t out of the question, nor is ice-fishing in November. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
For the average outdoor enthusiast, winter can be a difficult time to squeeze in a fun-filled overnight or multiday adventure without freezing your buns off or breaking the family budget. Read more >>
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