Joe Irons
Joe Irons has lived in southwest Montana for 20 of his 35 years. Traveling the world makes him appreciate what we have here, and as far as he can tell, there’s no better place. Read more >>
Dean Sauskojus
Dean Sauskojus has spent so many hours driving to Yellowstone that he could drive the trip in his sleep—which he sometimes does for early morning photography. Read more >>
Brian Grossenbacher
Brian Grossenbacher lives in Bozeman with his wife Jenny and two daughters, Mackenzie and Sable. He started shooting in 2005 when he and Jenny were asked to write Fly Fishing Montana. On a gamble they used the photo budget to buy a camera and two lenses. Read more >>
Mike Haring is a Big Sky resident who escaped from Michigan in 1977 to fish. He is a singer/songwriter and a nature photographer.  Read more >>
Bozeman native Bob Allen has thoughtfully sculpted light and time through a camera lens since 1979. Read more >>
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