Water Bottle Comparison: How does your bottle measure up?

Water Bottle Comparison: How does your bottle measure up?

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Mike England

The staple. Attractive, relatively inexpensive, and nearly impossible to destroy, this water bottle reflects your full indoctrination into established outdoor protocols. Recent BPA scares have done little, as of yet, to dethrone the mighty and ubiquitous Nalgene. In a road-trip emergency, will hold the entire contents of a full adult bladder.

Imitation Nalgene / Off Brand
May signify rugged individualism, pathetic parsimony, or both. Eminently practical, these generic spinoffs save precious cash but may also break at inopportune moments. Your Nalgene-bearing friends will gloat, at which point you can mention those pesky, cancer-causing BPA s. Often emblazoned with dorky company logos and other off-brand ignominy.

Like a pierced nipple or a Ron Paul tee shirt, this all-metal container screams “I’m different!” Already achieving increasing popularity with the counter-culture crowd, the Sigg may soon become mainstream a’ la the BPA fiasco. Also stylish and indestructible, but expensive as heck. No, we have no idea why it’s spelled that way.

Gatorade Bottle
Ringing up at a paltry $1.99, this bottle will last years if taken care of properly. If not, so what? It’s disposable, and by using it beyond its original contents you’re already more socially responsible than those consumptive Nalgene- and Sigg-owning friends of yours. Can be accessorized with duct tape and climbing cord for a true dirtbag look. Comes full of Gatorade.

Mason Jar
The car-camper’s friend. Like the Gatorade bottle, this “disposable” container will serve you well for years—at least until you drop it on a rock after downing one too many PBRs. Compared to plastic, this is also a far more environmentally friendly choice. The mason-jar look may not be the most sophisticated, but who cares? Campside vino never tasted so good.

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