Sun Mountain Speed Cart

Sun Mountain Speed Cart

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Orem, Tina
Sun Mountain - Missoula, MT
Speed Cart - $200

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart is a collapsible golf-bag cart with all the bells and whistles. It comes with a drink holder, scorecard clip, ball and tee holders, and a small compartment for sunglasses, keys, pencils, or your glove. The sturdy design and big 14-inch tires will definitely prevent you from tipping in mud or on steep hills. The handle is adjustable and there is a brake for parking on steep areas.

I was surprised at how large bag carts have become. Not only does the Speed Cart have a large footprint, it weighs almost 15 pounds. Although it's meant to be rolled, the weight is still surprising when you're trying to get it in and out of the trunk.

There is a new Speed Cart model out—the Speed Cart V1—that comes fully assembled. Thank goodness, because the 2004 model we tested required a screwdriver and socket wrench to attach two parts, which was awkward and overly time-consuming. The new model also uses bungee cords to secure the bag rather than Velcro cinch straps, and includes a place for an umbrella.

Bag carts are great if you want to walk the course and you're cheap like me (I hate paying to drive an electric cart). But at around $200 ($210 for the new model), it will take a few rounds to amortize the cost.
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