Schnee's Pac Boots

Schnee's Pac Boots

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Torms, Arken
Remember the good old days, when a pair of boots lasted longer than you really wanted them to, when Mom said "I don't care if you've been wearing them since creation, they're still perfectly good boots!" And they were. You just wanted something new and shiny, something cool to show off to your friends. Now that you're footing the bill, though, Mom's words ring true. Problem is, most boots seem to wear out after just a few weeks in the field.

I heard that Schnee's Pac Boots were different, but I was skeptical nonetheless. After a full season of upland bird & deer hunting in the Bridgers and Bangtails, all my doubts disappeared. The first thing I noticed was the traction. The self-cleaning Advantage outsoles grabbed the ground like racing tires. (The sole rubber is actually made by Goodyear.) A fiberglass shank gave my foot great arch support on long hikes. And the 100% handmade rubber bottoms kept my feet dry all day long.

The rest of the boot performed equally well. The leather uppers, triple-stitched with bonded nylon for longevity and water resistance, took all kinds of abuse. I scraped them against rocks, poked them with deadfall, even got them too close to the fire one night – and they didn't show any signs of wear or damage. One of my biggest pet peeves is weak lacing hooks that bend back when you crank on the laces. The Pac Boot hooks are milled from solid brass: I wrenched on them until my foot turned blue, and they didn’t budge.

Inside, a special wicking layer and 200 grams of Thinsulate added warmth while allowing perspiration to escape. Throw in the removable Thinsulate liners, and you've got an extremely comfortable and extremely warm boot. A bit of advice: if your feet tend to sweat a lot, wear thin socks in the Pac Boot. You'll be glad you did.

The boots are also fully rebuildable – when the time comes, you can drop your pacs off at Schnee's for a complete overhaul. You'll get a new sole and new bottom rubber for less than half the price of a new boot. When you're still wearing your pacs five years from now, remember to call Mom and tell her that you've finally seen the light.
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