Spring 2016

Outside Bozeman Spring 2016
Spring is a schizophrenic season. We ski, we fish, we run, we bike, and we hike, hopefully all on the same day. It's a season of rebirth and revitalization, when we're inspired to plan big and make the most of every additional minute of sunlight. That's why our spring issue is full of big stories, like our investigation into an age-old conservation ethic. Or our profile of Wilderness's biggest advocate. Or our six pages of the season's best gear. So whatever your spring dreams are, our spring issue is sure to point you in the right direction. 




Beginner's Guide, Montana Whitewater
Pogge, Drew
Fun before mastery.
Spring Fly Fishing Montana
Anderson, George
Early-season trout haunts.
Baldy Blitz, Bozeman
Brayton, Lea
Must-do seasonal races.“It’s not important how fast one runs, but that one runs.”—Ed Anacker, co-founder of the Big Sky Wind Drinkers Read more >>
Bell Lake Yurt Haute Route, Tobacco Roots Skiing
Simon Peterson
A yurt-opian Tobacco Root traverse.
Spring Running Injuries
Lunden, Jason
Preventing running injuries.
Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana State Parks Foundation
Tucker, David
Introducing the Montana State Park Foundation.
Pearl iZumi EM Trail N3, Bozeman Trail Running
Tucker, David
The best part about testing gear in Montana is that you never know what the elements are going to throw at you, and our terrain is so varied that conditions are never certain. Read more >>
Illustration by Monte Dolack
Jelinski, Jack
Caddisflies in my ears and up my nose,Caddisflies riding the brim of my hat.Inside my waders and inside my clothes,Trichoptera stuck to my hemostat.  Read more >>
Illustration by Ian Jones
Jelinski, Jack
The essence of springcan be found in giant willowswhose roots seek depthsof sweet-scented earthto siphon water from subterranean streamsquickeningtheir leafy embrace of the moon.  Read more >>
Green, Anita Noelle
Seasons continue to changeBut does she remain the same?Though winter becomes warmerShe finds herself colderThe wind wanders west  Read more >>
Montana Float Trips
Krueger, Ryan
Overnight floats in the Bozeman area.
Allenspur, Paradise Valley, Montana Rock Climbing
Drew Pogge
Warm spring climbing areas.
Hell's-A-Roarin' Horse Drive, Paradise Valley
Dehmer, Kurt
Unique opportunities along the Yellowstone.
Bozeman Building Boom, Montana Economy
Bach Jr., Orville E.
The curse of measuring Montana's economy.
Gallatin Valley Land Trust Trail Ambassador
Cunningham, Terry
GVLT's trail-steward program.
Ruffwear Dog Beds
Tucker, David
Sleeping gear for dogs.
Trail Dogs Bozeman, Pet Etiquette Bozeman
Murray, Ron
Spring advice for dog-owners.
100 Deadly Skills
England, Mike
To take your self-defense and survival skills to the next level, grab a copy of 100 Deadly Skills: The SEAL Operative’s Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation (Touchstone, $18). Read more >>
Combatives, Fortress Personal Defense Solutions
John Betancourt
Benefits of self-protection training.
Lorpen T3 Light Hiker Shorty, Montana Hiking
England, Mike
Gone are the days of 12-pack tube-socks, worn until hole-ridden, stinky, and stained; today’s high-impact outdoor activities call for socks that match the rest of one’s apparel in performance, comfort, and moisture-control. Read more >>
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