Johnny Bozeman, Gear Guru, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Q&A with the gear guru. 
Bozeman, Montana, Backcountry Skiing
Drew Pogge
Change your perspective. “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ―W.B. Yeats  Read more >>
Bozangeles, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Tips for Bozeman newbies. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” —Jesse Potter  Read more >>
Yellowstone River, Montana Fly Fishing
Noah Davis
1. Dry shirts and faith in my studded wading boots. Read more >>
Peets Hill, Burke Park, Mary Vant Hull, Bozeman
Jodi Hausen
Remembering Mary Vant Hull.  
Gallatin Valley Land Trust, Open Lands Bond, Bozeman
Kate Beaudoin
7 reasons to vote for open space. 
the editors
For these three stalwarts of southwest Montana's recreation scene, building an outdoor community is a labor of love.  Read more >>
Bozeman, Montana
Mike England
Inside all of us is the spirit of adventure—a longing passed down through the ages, from the first man and woman who set off into the unknown, leaving behind the comfort and safety of the cave to climb a distant mountain, cross a gr Read more >>
ski clubs
Jenny White
Inspiring a lifelong passion. 
Bozeman Public Land Advocates
the editors
Local warriors in the fight for public land.  Read more >>
Montana Summer, Bozeman, Hyalite
Andy Vantrease
Ten things I learned from a summer in Montana.  Read more >>
William Webb & Tim Tousignant
An outdoor playground threatened by logging. 
Eclipse 2017, Bozeman, Montana
Robert Sisk
Reflecting on the 1979 eclipse. 
Sweet Pea Festival, Bozeman
Angie Mangels
Festival rundown with O/B's creative director. 
Hyalite Canyon, Fly Fishing Bozeman
Jessica Rounds
How a Valley Girl landed in Bozeman. 
Bozeman Astronomy, Total Solar Eclipse August 21, Perseid Meteor
Jim Manning
Summer's astronomical bucket-list. 
Main Street to the Mountains, GVLT, Bozeman Trails
Drew Hulse
Becoming a local one trail at a time.  Read more >>
Bozeman, Montana, Main Street to the Mountains
the editors
Exploring Bozeman by bike. 
GVLT Summer Trails Challenge, Gallatin Valley Land Trust
the editors
GVLT kicks off summer with the second annual Summer Trails Challenge.  Read more >>
Bozeman Ice Fest, Hyalite Ice climbing
Smith, Katherine
Two decades of BIF.This year the Bozeman Ice Festival turns 20. It has grown from a rag-tag effort to sell a few pairs of crampons over Christmas to one of the largest and most innovative ice-climbing event in the world. Here’s how we got there.  Read more >>
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