Hebgen Lake

Hebgen Lake has been called the premier stillwater fishing lake in Montana, as large rainbow and brown trout are found in good numbers. In addition to great dry fly lake fishing, activities include boating, camping, and swimming. First-timers may want to consider a guide; the lake is large enough that prime fishing areas can be overlooked.

Hyalite Reservoir

Hyalite Reservoir located up Hyalite Canyon is a stunning mountain valley. The reservoir contains cutthroat trout and arctic grayling. Boating is allowed although a 'no wake' rule has been instituted. Other activities include paddle boarding, kayaking, ice fishing and swimming. It is a great place for a picnic or an overnight trip with Chisholm and Hood Creek Campgrounds located on the east shore.

Ennis Lake

Ennis Lake was formed when a dam was built on the Madison River at the head of the Bear Trap Canyon. The lake is shallow meaning the water is warm, just right for morning water sports and windsurfing in the windy afternoon. Ice skating and ice fishing is an option in the winter; due to the shallow water, the lake freezes easily.

Big Sky

More information on Big Sky can be found at the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce. 

West Yellowstone

Satisfy your hunger for variety by heading south, to the border town of West Yellowstone, where opportunity awaits to reinvigorate your outdoor interests. With West Yellowstone a quick 90 minutes, a little driving can go a long way when adventure is on your mind.


More information on Gardiner can be found at the Gardiner Chamber of Commerce.

Three Forks

More information on Three Forks can be found at the Three Forks Chamber of Commerce.


More information on Butte can be found at the Butte Chamber of Commerce.


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