Field Guide to Bozemanites

O/B’s Rundown of Bipedal Fauna

East Gallatin River

Too small for drift boats and difficult to wade fish without trespassing, the East Gallatin receives little pressure. The East Gallatin is a small river flowing through the heart of the Gallatin Valley beginning about one mile east of downtown Bozeman and joining the Gallatin near Manhattan. Access is limited to country road crossings and two public assess sites. The river holds good populations of rainbow and brown trout.


The Bangtail Mountains are located to the north between Bozeman and Livingston.

Bridger Bowl Vs. Arapahoe Basin

Arapahoe Basin, otherwise known as “The Legend,” is a small resort hidden among giants in the Colorado Rockies, just outside Denver. Unlike its money-grubbing neighbors, A-Basin has remained humble. But how does it really stack up to our Northern Rockies favorite, the awesome and equally unassuming Bridger Bowl? In a twist on our “Bozeman Vs.” section, we decided to investigate this little locale and find out.


Tobacco Roots

The Tobacco Roots lie between the Madison and Jefferson Rivers, contain a handful of glaciated peaks, and are home to a number of highly-endangered native species. 

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Harrison Lake

Also called Willow Creek Reservoir, the lake fills from water running down the eastern slopes of the Tobacco Roots, near Pony. Sporadic hatches make for decent dry fly fishing but wet flies are very productive. A nice hike down into Willow Creek canyon for some small stream fly fishing is always an option too. Harrison Lake is popular with power boaters and sailors alike.

Red Rock Lakes

Often considered one of the most beautiful Wildlife Refuges in the United States, Red Rock Lakes Wilderness consists of roughly 50,000 acres. From the dramatic 9,000 foot peaks of the Centennial Mountains, to the largest wetland complex in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, and an extremely diverse bird habitat, Red Rock has a lot to offer.


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