East Gallatin Recreation Area Boulder

Directions: Located near the "Bozeman Beach" at the East Gallatin Recreation Area, also known as Glen Lake Park. Drive north on N. Rouse Ave past the interstate. Turn left on E. Griffin Dr. and then take a right on Manley Rd. The lake and road access will be on your right. Look for the sign. 

Bozeman Pond Boulder

Directions: From Main Street head west until it turns into Huffine Ln. Continue on Huffine Ln. past Ace Hardware and turn right onto S. Fowler Ave. Take your first right into Bozeman Pond Park. 

Langohr Park Boulder

Langohr Park Boulder is the first of the Bozeman Boulders to be built. It is located on the Gallagator Trail towards the South end at Langohr park. 

Directions: From Main Street take S. Willson Ave south and turn east on W. Mason Ave. Park near the intersection of W. Mason St. and S. Tracy Ave at the south end of the park. 

Catch and Release the Right Way

Every Montana angler with a conscience should keep in mind that fishing is a brutal sport. Imagine, sitting down to enjoy a nice cheeseburger, you learn your meal is not only made of yarn, but loaded with a hook and line that proceeds to drag you into a foreign environment where suffocation awaits. That’s what you’re doing every time you catch a trout—which is fine, if you’re going to swiftly kill the fish and eat it for dinner.

Sweet Spring Fever

By mid-March, most Bozeman residents have had just about enough of cold weather. The days are getting longer, and it’s finally time to head outdoors for a little sunshine. Sadly, our outdoor-rec reach tends to exceed our grasp. All too often, bikers are sent back to the car by muddy, snow-clogged trails, hikers are sent ice-skating back to the trailhead, and climbers find their favorite crimps and slopers dripping with snowmelt.

Please, Leave a Trace

We’ve all seen them. Like a herd of placid bovines at the feed pile, their Subys line up at the trailhead lot, so caked with dust and mud that you can barely read the Sierra Club, WWF, and “Live Simple So Others Can Simply Live” bumper stickers.

Roll Over, Beethoven

Few communities are more dog-friendly than Bozeman. Everywhere you look, it seems there’s a dog waiting for the next hike, bike, ski, or float—and that’s a good thing. But with all this dog culture, it can be easy to lose track of the lingo. Here’s a refresher on Bozeman dog-speak.

Bloodbath—describes the universal canine compulsion to roll, smear, slide, and wallow in nasty, fragrant, dead-animal remains. Usually a “Hosebath” comes next.

Chasing the Golden Beast

It seems pretty strange that in a beautiful state like Montana—replete with pristine lakes, rivers, and streams chock full of beautiful brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout—groups of fly-fishing bums would be excitedly searching muddy ponds and murky waters for a lowly trash fish that Midwesterners catch with corn and cheese balls. But it’s true—they’re doing it. And yes, we’re talking about fly fishing for carp. Before you scoff, realize that these testy fish can reach sizes well past ten pounds and pull like a Mack truck, inspiring any angler to try fishing for carp at least once.

The Carhartt Thong

Bozeman's latest fashion craze.

How to find clothing rugged enough to endure the rigors of a hard day’s work or play, yet still look stylish and sexy—this is the ongoing dilemma of the modern-day Montana woman. Until now, that is. Perfect for everything from hiking to horseback riding, the all-new Carhartt Thong is sure to change the face of Bozeman fashion forever.


“The Carhartt Thong is the perfect marriage of form and function.” —Outdoor Style magazine.



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