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Seeking The Glass Slipper

After a weeklong vacation, in which I may or may not have over-indulged on food-truck cuisine, fresh seafood, and mouth-watering maple-bacon doughnuts, my pants were feeling a little tight on the ride back to Bozeman from the coast.

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Fishin’ The Beav: A day with Tight Line Adventures

 “When it comes to the Big Hole and the Beaverhead, people ‘round here love these rivers,” Justin says, pulling fishing line into his mouth to tie another triple surgeon’s knot. “And they don’t just ‘love’ the rivers—they’ll get in fistfights over ‘em. That’s real love.” He fishes through a gear box the size of a microwave, hunting for the perfect fly.

A Girl's Guide to BozeMen

Not that we’re into stereotypes. But we double-dog-dare you not to wind up cracking a Montucky Cold Snack, sharing a chair lift, or splitting a Gobbler from Dave’s Sushi with one of these dudes. You know the type. And if you don’t… behold our guide.

The Architect
Clean-cut, educated, and sharp, this guy has his act together. Really together. As in you better organize your sock drawer, make sure your toothbrush is color-coordinated to your razor, and alphabetize your magazines, stat.

Playground, Training Ground, Battleground

The boat slices through the last standing wave and carves smoothly into the placid eddy on my right. The thrill of the upstream rapids courses through my veins while I slowly spin in the calm water.

The banter between the other paddlers swirls around my head, but no words register. My pulse quickens, muscles tense, and breath comes in short, shallow bursts. I avert my eyes from what lays downstream and try to focus on the water slowly passing in front of the kayak. Breathe. Just breathe…

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Training on Local Trails

Discovering new trails and enjoying old favorites. 

Growing up in the Midwest meant that every summer my family packed up the dogs and coolers full of food, threw us kids in the back of the old Saab, and made the long, flat road trip out to Montana. We slowly left the sweet, humid smell of the plains and climbed up into the crisp mountain air, full of the scent of pine trees, weathered creeks, and wild flowers. As a family, we would roll down the car windows and collectively take a ritualistic breath of mountain air.

Treating Dog Wounds on the Mountain

Skis often cut the limbs of dogs who accompany their guardians too closely underfoot. Bleeding can be from arteries, veins, or capillaries. Arterial bleeding is bright red and spurting and is more serious than venous bleeding, which is darker red and seeps rather than squirts. Capillary bleeding seeps slowly. 

Dog First Aid Tip: remember to properly calm and restrain your dog with at least a leash before administering first aid. Remember, as well, to teach your dog to be a willing partner during handling and treatment before accidents occur. 

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Doherty Mountain Trailhead

Learn how a piece of land turns into a trail.

Playing outside is one of the reasons many of us live here, but do you ever wonder how the trails and access to these areas come about? How do new trails begin? Who are the people with visions of what could be? And how do they go about achieving the support and go-ahead for their ideas?

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Boating the Backcountry

All about packrafting, the next big thing in wilderness travel.

Standing on a 12,058-foot peak in the heart of continental America’s remotest spot with kayak paddle blades sticking out of the top of my pack left even me a bit confused. But one half of that paddle came in handy for controlling my glissade down the NW face of Thorofare Mountain in the Teton Wilderness a decade ago. 

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Bridger Buildup

Words and photos by Ryan Krueger

Sometimes insanity pays off—in this case, checking the snow report every single morning, expecting the results to be different. After weeks of nothing, a chance of snow in the forecast told me that just maybe the ski hill had received something throughout the night that the city of Bozeman had not.

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Digging Deep

Finding motivation on those cold winter days.

My eyes weren’t even open yet and I felt a pounding in my skull and a tongue on my face. I slowly woke from a deep slumber and realized the pounding was a result of the previous late night, and, luckily, the tongue belonged to my dog. I was only two weeks into my New Year’s resolution to train for the Bridger Ridge Run, and I pulled the sheet back up over my head and rolled over. 


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